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SEMA 2003


There were so many cars of all types here that I just shot whatever caught my eye. There's no rhyme or reason to these pictures...kind of like me! You're all at the mercy of MY taste he he!!! I didn't write down the years or specific models of some of these cars so just enjoy them and don't ask me any questions!!!

Dual Turbo Vette Daytona vs. kit GT-40 old & new The new GTO New Saleen
Fred Lorenzen's Galaxie 2005 Mustang GT V10 Cuda 500cu GTX R Ferrari!!
1969 Mustang 1969 Camaro Scott Hoag's Mach 1 1970 Hemi Daytona Chrysler Crossfire
1970 SS Chevelle Hemi Dart Rousch 380 R 1966 GT 350 S.R.