Car Shows

Spring Fling 2005

1968 R/T Charger / 427 Indy Hemi Motor (mean.....REAL mean)

I just love Nick's Charger, it's bold enough to say, "If you don't know any better I'm about to whoop your ass" but sleeper enough to make a seemingly someone's slam dunk into a "whoah, what the hell just happened?!" I mean, look at the interior, looks 100% bone stock right? I had a '69 and they were close if not the same dash. Then there's the outside, very tasteful with the two deck stripes and menacing black paint could almost pass for stock to the sleepy eye. Then there's the  hood scoop which is a rush of reality as you think uh oh, this guy may know what the hell he's dong, but PRAYING he don't! Indy Hemi motor? This is gonna hurt a bit! Look at the two hidden headlights behind the front grill. PRICELESS! This car is a B.A.D.  A.S.S. OK, I'll move onto the next car! Thanks Nick, if you get a chance give me a call.