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Feature Cars

1969 AMX / 390 4 speed

"All American Man! "

 Brian looks young, too young to have what he's got...but he's got it! I arrived at his property that morning expecting to see his hot AMX. Well I did see his AMX BUT I also saw his restored 1919 Model T, 1968 Javelin SST, 1969 AMX 390, 1969 Morris Minor that's going to be a drag car AND a 1969 AMX 401 in progress to be the highest output of ANY AMC product! HOWEVER!! Cars are not only his only passion!! After checking out his VERY full garage we took a stroll out back to check out some other cool  things. Namely rare turtles / tortoises!! That's right I got to witness feeding time for a Russian Tortoise, a South African Spurred and an Arizonian Tortoise! Turns out Brian is a very well rounded individual!! Not only does he dig AMC's but out back of his beautiful yard he whacks golf balls some 300 yards!!! You never know!! I ended up spending the good part of the day with Brian as there was so many cool facets to his life I couldn't leave!!! OH YEAH!!! And his AMX.....awesome. Somewhere along the line Brian learned to do things right!! I can't say enough about Brian. Thanks a lot Brian, I felt like I've known you all my life!!! Rock on my AMC brutha!!!!

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