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1969 Cyclone GT - Spoiler II replica Lee Roy Yarbrough / 351 Windsor FMX transmission

"Nice guys finish first!"

I had met Lou & Erin a couple of years ago at the Fabulous Fords Show and was taken back at how nice and totally cooperative they were. I don't forget people like that. So when it came time to start picking the cars for the 2005 calendar and I needed a Mercury it didn't take me long to find Lou's number to see if he's be interested. Well my original intent was to shoot both of his Mercury's together as not only did he have this awesome Cyclone GT but he also had an original Spoiler II!! Well wouldn't you know it, he had the Spoiler II for over 20 years but when we set up the shoot he sold the car! NO PROBLEM! I think you're really going to enjoy the job he did on the Cyclone GT Lee Roy Yarbrough race replica. It stands to reason that Lee Roy was a "good 'ole boy" and Lou & Erin are down home good people. Not only did Lou not hesitate ONE second to any request and Erin seems to enjoy the cars, shows and was looking forward to the trip to Talladega! In fact when we were done both Lou & Erin invited me to breakfast...THEIR TREAT! They would not think of me paying a dime for the meal. Then on top of that they were driving to Talladega in the car to attend the "Winged Car Show" featuring 1969 Daytona's, 1970 Superbird's and the Ford Torino's & Mercury Spoiler II counterparts and said if I wanted to fly in they'd pick me up and let me stay with them! I'm much too humble to accept but the fact they asked me meant more than you can know! They say nice guys finish last, well not in my book! Lou & Erin are at the top of mine for what it's worth! Thanks kids, we'll see you again!!

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