Feature Cars


OK, I've lived in Hollywood California for about 18 years now so I've gotten over being star struck. I've worked in business management for over 10 years where I've seen every rock star, every famous actor & actress and every sports star you could possibly think of and it's like, "hmmph, big deal!" HOWEVER being an avid gearhead when I heard I could shoot the original Eleanor in the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds", y'know the one they called the "Beauty Car", the one where Nicholas Cage runs his hands down, used in all the promo shots and all the "money shots" I was like a giddy school boy!

 When I showed up at the shoot I sat down and started talking to Rodney about.....STUFF I have to admit I kept peeking over at Eleanor being prepped for the shoot with a tingly feeling like you're about to embark on your first date! Awwww she looked so pretty, so elegant and proud! I just couldn't keep my eyes off her knowing what this car was. All right, time to shoot! YEEEEHAAAA! Watching her being started up like Nicholas did and jockeyed into position for the shoot made me CRAZY! I mean I had COMPLETE control of this shindig and I could be none the happier!

 So she's not the fastest, she's not matching numbers GT 500 and she's just a movie car. But  HEY I dig it and that's what counts! How often do you run across a rare car like this? I've been in the biz quite a while and I have seen  many rare and collectable cars, but can you think of a more recognizable, famous car? I think not. At least in our lifetime!!!!

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