Feature Cars

1970 GTO / 400 H.O. 4 speed

"The practical joke"

Well as you would guess Rodney has some unique individuals for friends. Well one friend who was ALWAYS playing practical jokes on everybody got a dose of his own medicine! Rodney and his friend attended an auction and when this GTO came up Rodney had an idea. His friend liked the car but didn't have the cash to win the bid. Well Rodney waited until the bidding got down & dirty and when the auctioneer said "going once, going twice, going 3 times" Rodney grabbed his friends arm and stuck it straight up in the air where the auctioneer looked at him and said "SOLD!!" Well as you can imagine his friend about pissed his pants as he didn't have the cash to buy the car! Turns out Rodney paid for it. His friend eventually bought the car from Rodney and quite a few years later Rodney bought it from him! Everything worked out OK as Rodney really seems to like the car.

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