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Feature Cars

1963 Galaxie XL 500 / Built 406 4 speed.....nasty.

"The Big Bully"

Greg: Hey Mike, I'm looking for Fords for the calendar.

Mike Jackson: Well, what are you looking for?

Greg: What happened to the Red 1963 Galaxie XL500 you had?

Mike Jackson: Ohhhhh, Rodney bought that car!! You're going to like Rodney!

Greg: Why?

Mike Jackson: Trust me, you two will get along JUST fine! (chuckles)

NOW I see what Mike meant! After just the first phone conversation Rodney & I had quite a bit in common.....maybe more than Rodney would like to admit!! See Rodney and I have the same outlook when it comes to our cars. Buy them, build them, beat them! Rodney chooses to enjoy what this car was built for.....BEATING THE HELL OUT OF! I mean, c'mon, this car  looks like the bully that took your lunch money and STILL punched you in the eye!  AND this car is built by Mike Jackson so not only does this car look mean but with a high output 406cu putting out about 535hp so it has the kahones to back it up! Well you'll all soon see what I mean as Rodney gives you a chance to see this bad boy bully breaking some behind! So I'll stop yakin' and get on with the feature!!


(click on the pic to see video)
This just isn't fair!
(caution: video may cause nausea and or vomiting to GM owners)


Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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