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1963 1/2 Falcon Sprint / 302 4 speed

"Al the Falconer"

I saw this little Falcon at a car show and IMMEDIATELY said to myself, "self, now that's a show car! That car will be on all the covers of all the Hot Rod magazines....I better shoot it." I have either shot or been there when almost every single one of these cars on the site was shot and I know we're amateurs ESPECIALLY me! So I'll have to admit I'm a bit nervous when I shoot these fine automobiles. Can I do them justice? But this Falcon was so photogenic that it made me look good!! I didn't want to have a lack of good shots of this car so I shot the hell out of it. I shot over 100 pictures but the big problem is I LOVE about 99 of them (my finger got in the way on one!) Al did a spectacular job with his car. But the car is not in Al's name. It's in Trudi's name, his wife! She had the car before they got married and then Al took over! The car started out an original 1963 1/2 Falcon Sprint with the 260 4 speed. The car is still a Falcon Sprint but as you can see the little 260 went bye bye. She now has a:

2 450 Holly on tunnel ram
Pistins- JE Racing
Plasma Molly Rings
Rods-4340 I-Beam
Valves- Manley Racing Valves 1.94/1.60
Cam Specs-Solid .536/.536 Lift 256/266 Duration Custom grind by Chet Herburt
3" Exhaust with 40 Series 2 Chamber Flow Masters
Trans- Top Loader 4 speed
Rear end- 410 gears
All Bolts, screw, washers, and nuts replaced with Polished Stainless Steel
Tires-Hoosier Quick Time
Car weight 2840
Best 1/4 mile 11.83 @ 114

And putting out about 450hp at the crank!

This car has all the making of a class 1 show car mark my words! Spectacular job Al see you on the cover of HotRod! You will remember us when you get famous won't you Al?


Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!


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