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1968 Charger / 440 Magnum +

"The Bad Boy of Mopars!"

Sometimes you buy a car done and you like it that way. Sure you may change the shifter ball or something but that's the car you wanted so you're happy with it. Then there's guys like John, a guy with not only a car in mind but a vision of what he wants that car to represent when you see it. The title "The Bad Boy of Mopar" doesn't at all reflect the owner here, it's DEFINITELY the car as John is one of the most easy going cool guys I've met. When John bought the car a basket case he knew he wanted a car that scared women and children when he drives by....and it does!! With a built gear driven 440 this is the car is the bad guy car in the movies, the car you see when you look around the corner just idling waiting for you to come out! Hell just the sound of the whine of the built gear driven 440 alone sends shivers down your spine!

 I guess that's the great thing about this hobby is you can be a nice, pleasant family man who at certain times in which he chooses he can climb behind the wheel and be a bad boy!! MCC congratulates you John, you've got the attitude we like here! Thanks for everything John, see you at the next car show!

Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!


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