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"A family that drives together, thrives together"

OK, a pretty sappy title right? WRONG. In the 4 + years I've been doing this plus everyday observations of people around me a good family life is damn important to happiness. If you don't connect or are not on the same plane with your kids or wife it can make for a real struggle. But when you all have a common interest at least you all have SOMETHING to build on. I'm not saying in every case this will work but I've seen where the husband, wife and kids that are all involved in cars are generally a pretty tight knit group not excluding this lovely family. The way they all interacted with each other you could tell there was a lot of love and respect here.

 Today I shot 6, yes 6 muscle cars in pristine condition for a  father (John), the wife (Michelle) and young son (15 1/2 Vince). Yes I heard some serious problems that were going on, I was there for over 6 hours but to see how close this family was and on the same page with their muscle cars as they all put down their problems for a while and did muscle cars with me. John, Michelle and Vince are into their cars and even though there was some heavy air they took pride and did EVERYTHING I asked of them without a hesitation. They even bought me lunch! And talk about gracious, I was immediately at ease with them.

 I'll have to be honest I was a bit overwhelmed to the point of being a bit confused during the shoot and how to get it started. There was just so much to take in it as you will see in the pictures. When I arrived right of the bat two garage doors opened to reveal 6 beautiful muscle cars stacked 3 on 3 with hydraulic lifts with a 1969 Lola T-200 that John raced just a few years ago hanging on the wall in front of all the muscle cars. DAMN.....I found the Mecca! It's hard to see in the picture but almost all of the original engines are up in the shelves of the garage because there are no trailer queens here boys and girls! John & company believe in in buying, building and driving them.....HARD!! Pretty cool in my book! The whole garage was stuffed full of cool muscle and racing car fun. I wish I hadn't been so worried about memory space on the camera as I would have taken more of just the garage itself!

 It was by far the most challenging photo shoot I've ever done, maybe TOO challenging but I worked my ass off to make it the best I could. The family deserved it, the cars deserved it and you the fans deserve it. This was an awesome day and I wanted to present it to you the best I could. Enjoy.

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  Vince's 1969 Dart Swinger 340                                    
  Vince & John's 1973 'Cuda 440 Six Pack                                                  
  Michelle's 1971 'Cuda crate 360 roller motor                                              
  John's 1971 Hemi 'Cuda clone                                                      
  John's 1969 Boss 302                                                          
  John's Superbird