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1966 SS Chevelle / 396 4 speed


I had met Ed at the cloudy, overcast, rainy day of the Super Chevy Show. Even in the questionable weather I was able to see that his car was something really something special. I told Ed that I would like to do a feature on his beautiful SS Chevelle and being the quiet, cautious (and deservingly so!) man he seemed to be he said that he'd check out the website and "let me know." Let me know? I don't do well with rejection! I waited 3 months, several vacations, a couple holiday's, a couple car show weekend's and FINALLY I got him pinned down!!! He's the only one so far I've shot on a week night but I would have agreed to shoot it at 5:00AM just to make sure that no matter what, get this car for our 2004 calendar!! And when he pulled in with the car gleaming, exhaust crackling, echoing between the two office buildings I was standing near I knew right there and then once again I had made another big find as Ed's car is absolutely knock you down, drop dead gorgeous. That's when you realize there's much more you love about this car than just it's sheet metal and paint, you also love it for it's attitude and personality. That's right, I said it!! It's attitude and personality! The 1966 396 SS Chevelle's attitude is all bad and it's personality says that's the way you want me so lets have some fun! Oh, and the quiet cautious man turned out to be a walk softly, carry God given talent as he did EVERYTHING to his Chevelle himself, engine, interior, AND paint, in his garage!!!!! Truly one of the most talented, worldly and warm men I've met so far. Thanks Ed, let me know when I can shoot the matching 1966 El Camino!!

Higher quality shots are available in   Picture Perfect  DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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