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1969 Mustang Fastback / 351 Windsor 5 speed w/ Nitrous

"Done by the numbers"

I'm usually pretty good at picking out cool people for the most part but boy did I hit a home run here! Joe "gets it". What do I mean? Well Joe embodies pretty much what musclecarcalendar is all about. This pony was built to run, and run it does, no trailer queen here my friends. It took Joe 5 years to build this car. Five years you say, sounds like it was just a weekend thing right? Wrong. Everything about this Mustang was custom built...by Joe. Joe was a Helo crewman in the Navy for 10 years and now runs a computer engineering business so this car was built on paper 5 years ago and then assembled accordingly. Every detail was carefully computed, measured and then built by Joe, even all the engine components were carefully selected before it was built so it would run with the most horsepower and efficiency, and it does!! You really can't get a feel for all the custom work Joe did by our pictorial but lucky for you Joe built a website specifically designed to show all the steps over the 5 year period. You have to check out his website to see all the work and customization he did on this car, it's completely AMAZING all the detail he put in his pony.

To see Joe's car in action click HERE!!

Please check out the COMPLETE restoration of Joe's Mustang...trust me, you'll be glad you did!!  http://joesmustang.freeservers.com/home.html

Higher quality shots are available in  Picture Perfect,  DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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