Feature Cars

1971 Superbee / 440 + Pistol Grip 4 speed

"Bad Ass Bee"

I actually became acquainted with Rob's car long before I met Rob. I had attended several car shows where I saw the Bee but no owner . Now this car just SCREAMS  Greg!! It embodies everything I'm all about. LOUD & OBNOXIOUS!!! You look at this car you have no doubt at all what this car was made for. Little 'ole ladies car? Uh, no. You own this car for one reason and one reason only....to whoop ass!! And whoop ass this car does!! See Rob's a member of a car club called the "Mopar Knights." What's so different about THIS car club? Ummm, did you happen to see the cut off switch in the rear of the car??? I did. Every member of the Mopar Knights not only build their cars to win car shows, they're also built to win races!! Jesus, talk about a car club custom made for Greg!! Rob recently pulled the engine and had her rebuilt. Why? Was she blowing smoke? No. Was she knocking? No. Was she tired? No again. Seems Rob was tired of  getting to the traps behind his club mates!! Well after taking a little "spin" (literally) in her I'd say his club mates better be ready to step it up a notch because this is one pissed off Bee!! As you can see this is one special Bee but nothing compared to Rob. As much as I enjoyed riding in the Bee I'd have to say it was much more fun hanging with Rob! Thanks Rob, see ya at the track!!

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