Roy Magee / Yucaipa California


I have a couple of funny motorcycle stories I'd like to share. First of all I owned a 1972 Z1 1000 Honda which was a very formidable bike at the time. I was known to be somewhat crazy to my friends as we'd often have a few beers and I'd do burnouts on my bike for "entertainment!" Well one day I had pulled my bike out of the garage to spray the floor down with water to clean out all the dirt. Well some of my friends came over and we proceeded to have a few beers where they then talked me into doing a burnout before I put my bike away for the day. So I climbed on the bike, revved her up to about 6000 rpm and dumped the clutch. Now the idea was to do the burnout and hit the brakes to stop it in the garage. Well forgetting that the floor was still wet I managed the first part of doing the burnout but when I hit the brakes the bike didn't stop! I ended up putting that Honda through the back wall of my garage and making a new door into my bedroom!!!

Second! I had a 1971 Panhead Rigid Frame which had a manual distributor you'd have to set back before you start it so as to diminish the kick from the manual kick start. Well one night at a biker rally  about midnight after consuming my share of alcohol there was a whole street full of people watching about 40 or 50 of us tearing off into the night on our Harley's. I forgot to set my distributor back and when I jumped on the kick start it kicked back throwing me over the handlebars and falling over in the street!!



It always happens when you're showing off huh!?! Thanks Roy!!!