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1966 Mustang / 289

This is my 66 Mustang. We bought it in April 2000. It had most of the usual problems a 35 year old car can have, worn suspension, tired paint, weak electrical system etc. But unlike a lot of cars from the rust belt, this one wasn't too far gone with rot, and the previous owner had replaced most of the interior. Since buying it I have replaced front and rear suspension, battery, exhaust, and lots of small items. I want to replace the tired C4 and mate it up to a Ford Motorsports 302/340HP crate engine someday. It started off as a 289 2BBL car and now has an Edelbrock 600, Edelbrock Performer cam, and Flowmaster 40's (not the deltas) and turned down the pipes at the rear axle. it is kind of loud, but I like setting off peoples car alarms when going by.

Note from Greg: Setting off car alarms, that's GREAT, I love that stuff! Well thanks to Mike you can also HEAR his car alarm setting off machine on pages 2 & 3! Enjoy...I did!!!

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