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My Garage

This is soooo cool! Thanks to all of you we are getting TONS of pictures from all over the world of some cool ass cars, so many in fact there's no way I can keep up with all of you, but you know I'll try! Anyway, as you have probably deducted yours truly lives in Los Angeles, well there's a lot of great cars outside of California and with a limited budget (OK, no budget) I can't come to you so why don't you send your pictures to us!!

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And here we go!!!!!!!!!!

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Greg's 1972 Mustang   Bears 1969 Holden GTS Monaro   Jo's 1971 Holden GTR Torana   Mike's 1965 Mustang Fastback   Dane's 1969 Daytona clone
Vince's 1968 Mustang   Matt's 1969 Rambler Scrambler   Fernando's 1976 Charger R/T   Ed's 1966 Stingray   Ronnie's 1963 1/2 Galaxie
Alex's 1968 Charger   Ed's 1970 Malibu   Ed's 1970 Cougar   Josh's 1970 Boss   Rob's 1970 Chevelle SS
Bob's 1969 AMX   Gilles 1967 RS Camaro   Carl's 1965 Galaxie XL   Mike's 1967 Cougar GT   Matt's 1973 Nova