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1969 Rambler Scrambler / 390 Cross Ram 2X4 bbls Hurst 4 speed

There were 1,512 Hurst SC/Ramblers made of which, only 324 were the (B) paint scheme according to AMC records. Other reports say 500, either way not very many were made! They all came with the AMC 390 engine, 3:54 rear end gears, 4 speed trans and of course the Hurst shifter. The SC/Ramblers sold for $2,998.00, which was very little money for the long list of performance parts that came on the car. The SC/Rambler ran the quarter mile times of low 14's in stock form but with a few simple bolt on modifications, one of which was the cross-ram intake part # AM4486228 ( 300 made with AM# ) on them, these cars would now run low 12's. The SC/Ramblers were built for stock drag racing classes, in F-stock it was pretty much unbeatable, thanks to the SC/Ramblers horsepower to weight ratio. The stock SC/Rambler had 315 horsepower and 425 pounds of torque and weighed in at a fuzz more then 3000lbs. A slightly modifieded SC/Rambler would easily have over 400 horsepower. On the street this quick car was deadly to virtually any big three car as the front disk brakes stopped the little car in a hurry. This was a big advantage over most cars back in 1969. The SC/Rambler was a image maker car for AMC to say the least! We can play with the big boys of the performance car market and win! And it won a lot! The little Rambler became an instant legend among all muscle cars!


   Most of the SC/Ramblers were abused and raced hard, so very few exist today. This makes the car a true head turner where-ever it goes. To the guys who remember the shame of losing to a rambler it brings back the memories of when a little company could compete with the big ones, something you don't see these days. I'd like to thank my life long friends Kurt&Randy Harpold who built my engine.
                                        matt & valeri wilson

Greg says: At first when Matt sent me pix of the car I was like "oh, cool, another AMC!" But since I've been putting his feature up I've learned much more about the little black sheep of the muscle car world! Not to mention Matt and I had to work together to get this feature up and I can honestly say he's a hell of a guy!!! Thanks Matt for sharing your little honey AND your effort! And remember kids, this is a SURVIVOR!!

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