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Chevy Performance was Spelled "Y-E-N-K-O"


But the rarest, and most sought after of all Yenkošs is the 1969 "427 Yenko Nova." The Nova actually was the lightest of the three vehicles Don produced in 1969, and had the best weight distribution so were actually the fastest of the Yenko Super Cars. Just a few were sold, as they were so fast (0-60 in 4 seconds) that they were downright dangerous. In retrospect, Yenko remarked that "this probably wasn't the safest car in the world."

As were the early Yenko Camaro's, the Novašs were simply cars taken off of the Yenko lot in Canonsburg and modified by the Yenko race shop. Most, if not all, were SS 396 / 375hp 4-speed cars with very few options. The Nova's came equipped with the basics, such as bench seat, vinyl floor mats, but did sport a factory 4:10 posi rear end. It is believed that less than 40 of these cars were built, with only 8 documented cars known to exist today.

It is easy to tell any of the Yenkošs produced in 1969, as they all could be identified by their distinctive side stripes, hood decals, Yenko badges and special chrome 427 emblems. It is thought that only one car was delivered with the stripe delete on the order, that disputed 1968 COPO car. Yenko did not attach serial plates on 1969 and later cars.

By the end of 1969, insurance companies were refusing to insure these big block monsters. Don had to come up with a new plan and once again, he would look to the Corvette engine line up to help. Don was able to convince his friends and fellow enthusiasts at Chevrolet to install the Corvettešs new LT-1 small block into the Nova, to be called the "Yenko Deuce." This was done under COPO 9010 and COPO 9737. Even though this solid lifter engine was rated at a stout 360 bhp, the insurance companies simply saw the car as your basic small block 350cid Nova.

Less than 200 of these Nova "Deucešs" were built, in 8 different colors, with either a close ratio 4-speed or the same Turbo 400 automatic transmission as the Camaro and the Chevelle. Colors available were Cranberry Red, Fathom Blue, Cortez Silver, Forest Green, Citrus Green, Hugger Orange, Gobi Beige and Sunflower Yellow. The "Deuce" carried itšs own special graphics package, including distinctive hood and side stripes, Yenko badges and "Deuce" decals attached to the front door panels. In addition, the Deuce came with a hood mounted tach.