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   Super Chevy 2002


We got to Pomona's Chevy Days kind of late in the day, it was cold, windy and just starting to sprinkle but that didn't stop us from snapping pictures of some beautiful Chevys! As we got there they'd started the judging in the main tent so we didn't get a chance to talk to many owners, very disappointing as they are just as colorful as the cars themselves!  Oh well, we'll try to catch up with you GM owners at the next one! (if any owners object to any pictures please contact us and we will remove them immediately)

'70 Nova SS '70 Nova SS '69 Chevelle SS '71 Chevelle SS '66 Chevelle SS
70fxcheve.jpg (89018 bytes) 72fx.jpg (72804 bytes) 67fxmalibu.jpg (78975 bytes)
'69 Chevelle SS '70 Chevelle '72 Chevelle SS '67 Malibu '69 Camaro Z/28
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'65 Impala '68 Camaro Z/28 '67 Corvette '63 Corvette