Feature Cars

1969 Chevelle SS / 396

A lot of the owners we are meeting their car (s) are their lives, outside of their regular jobs every waning minute is spent religiously toiling over their automobiles. Sure Chuck spends time on his car (as you can tell) but Chuck has a full life outside his Chevelle, Chuck has a 1957 Chevy (nice) a project car (another 69' Chevelle) a successful business he runs with his son as well as being the director of game & hunting in his community where he also raises the dogs used for the hunting. Wow, what a resume! And as you can guess from such a full plate Chuck is a very knowledgeable rounded person who is a lot of fun being around. I learned more about Chevelles than my feeble litle mind will ever remember! That's OK though you can never have too much car knowledge in this biz! Thanks for everything Chuck, we're coming back for the 57' next (and maybe an afternoon on the hunting fields!)

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