Feature Cars

1966 Buick Skylark / 350

"The Big Hot Wheel"

From his collection of hundreds of Hot Wheel cars to his custom Schwinn bicycles (y'know, the one with the shifter on the middle bar?) you kind of get an idea where Dane's taste came from when he decided to customize his Skylark! OK, so it's not stock.....who cares, when a car is hot, it's hot, and Dane's car is hot! This car is FUN! And being you're not worried about keeping the body stock means open season on the engine, and that's just what Dane did God bless him, this baby's a runner! You can hear everything he's done to her on the interview so I'm not going to take the time to list everything, I'd rather mention the stuff you can't learn from a picture or a short interview, like Dane's sense of humor! You can kind of tell by his raz at the Mopar boyz in the interview but that was just the tip of the iceberg! Can you say class clown, how about, "hey bartender, another round" cause Dane would be the perfect guy to have a few beers with and just laugh your ass off with! Hopefully we'll get a chance to do just that some time! Thanks-a-ton Dane!

Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect, DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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