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1969 Hurst Olds / 455 H.O.

I had put up a bunch of cars I got off the internet on our website just to get started, one of them being a 1969 Hurst Olds, and I remember thinking as I was putting it up "wow, wouldn't it be cool to actually get to shoot a hot car like this one!" One week later we went on our first "scouting" mission to Bobs Big Boy in Burbank for some prospects when holy sh*t there it was, almost identical to the car I found a few days earlier on the net! Score! Now all I have to do is talk the owner into letting two boneheads use his fine auto for a mechanical guinea pig. At first Ed seemed skeptical to say the least (wouldn't you!) But then by sheer persistence, Ed finally agreed to give it a shot. We couldn't have written it any better, the car was beautiful, it sounded awesome and Ed was a great guy to meet and interview. Hear the sound of the engine on selected pages and the interview on the picture with Ed in it! (top right)

Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect , DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!             

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