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Knotts Berry / Fabulous Fords Forever

This was our first Ford car show so we didn't know what to expect, almost everything we had attended or shot had been Mopar, not because any other reason only that had just been the way things have worked out so far. We were use to meeting and working with some pretty outgoing and a little on the nuts side people and wondered if the deviant line crossed all makes of cars. It started out pretty slow but it didn't take long before the question was soundly answered by the Ford Boyz! We are Ford, hear us ROAR!  We bounced from one hot car to the next with full cooperation and enthusiasm by the owners, so much enthusiasm in fact it took park clean up crews about 10 minutes to clean up the smoldering pile of rubber left behind by the "Beast", and the best part of the whole thing is that we've got it all on audio and video! So sit back and enjoy Fabulous Fords Forever  musclecarcalendar.com style!

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1966 Mustang 1967 Fairlane GTA 1968 Cyclone 1971 Torino GT 1963 1/2 Galaxie 500
1967 Fairlane GTA

1965 Mustang 2+2

1965 Mustang 1969 Boss 429 1971 Boss 351
1968 CA Special 1969 Boss 302 1971 Torino GT 1968 Bullitt 1970 Eliminator