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Car Shows

Inland Mopar


Yet another great car show!! Tons of cool cars and tons of cool owners. This particular show we were invited by Hemi Jack who had one best of show the year before and Joel who ended up taking a close second place. We had a great time with our special guests as we bounced from one hot car to another. The show has some history so there were a lot of cool cars and everything was very well organized. We got a few good sounds (between the DJ's tunes) but what made this car show unique was the exit of all the hot cars. We just parked our carcasses right where they were pulling out so we got some cool footage of the Mopar Boyz heading home for the day.  Check out our Heading Home page!

1968 Road Runner 1969 AMX 1964 Savoy 1972 Charger 1967 Charger
To see some of the show winners leaving the scene click............


1973 Dart 1970 Challenger