Irwindale Speedway's "Thursday Night Under the Lights!!!!"

Here are just a few pictures of some of the cool things we saw! There's also video clips if you dare!

Here's where it all starts!!   John Partridge keeps the fun rolling along!!   Don't mess with Big Bad John!
Ever see a bike fishtail at over 100mph? We did!!   We missed the video shot of Richard Miller's Camaro pulling the front wheels, but we won't next time! Nice car Richard!!   Come one come all!! These are the guys racing!


Gypsy Michael's Nova Bad Ass Chevy II Go for a 86mph in the 1/8 mile after warming up the tires! Another smokin' Nova cop car pullin' the wheels
See this Buick pull a wheelie after smokin' em! 1968 Firebird      
    More to come!!!!