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The Muscle Cars vs. The Hotrods 2002!

Leave it to Jay to pit muscle cars against the hotrods! Oh and what fun it was! And of course the level of people we met associated with Jay were the best, "birds of a feather" that means there was a whole slew of loons!!! We were primarily consumed with selling calendars as it was the first time out and we were exited about getting our name out there but I encouraged Bob to take several walks (not that it was that hard!) and shoot some of the cool action going on. Remember that friend in high school  you hung out with because no matter what he did you knew there was going to be fun? Well take a peek at some of the pictures and decide for yourself, Jay Bittle = fun in my book! Enjoy!

Click on the pic's to enlarge

Howard's Hot Mach 1

Cool cars!

        In the pits