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Car Shows

John Force

 in Yorba Linda

Another sunny day, another huge car show, another famous racer.....Viva California!! Way too much stuff for a gear head in one day! There were over 600 entries so keeping to the "muscle car" theme was very tough today. Why? Well there was a lot of cool things here today, professional race cars, hot motorcycles, monster trucks etc, etc. If you like this kind of stuff, cart your carcass to the show, we only have muscle cars here pal!! No sounds today, just lots of cool owners and lots of cool cars! Enjoy!

1970 Boss 1971 Super Bee 1969 Torino GT 1969 SS / 396 1969 GTO
1966 Chevelle 1969 Camaro Pace Car 1967 GTO 1970 Chevelle 1966 LeMans
1969 Judge