Rest assured I'm not going to flood you with just ANY links, these are links that are hand picked and have served me or my friends.


A knife in the hand......... OK here's the deal, Vintage Knives made us site of the month. So Greg what does THAT mean? Well if you'd check out the site you'd see that pup (the owner) has a LOT of the same things in common with yours truly. I want you to check out their VERY cool site and buy a HANDMADE knife. These are NOT knives you will see at Wal-Mart. These are hand made, custom knives made from men from the "old school". These knives will last you a lifetime and be something special, an identity of sorts. Just check them out and tell them Greg sent you!!! You won't regret it as this knife will be something special you can pass on!!!

Being I now own a Bullitt I joined a Bullitt Registry. It's a REALLY cool place to hang out! But I've met one particular founding member who is GREAT!!! Please check out his personal website as it's got some AWESOME sound clips!!


Nasty Bob's

Bad to the Bullitt!



Don't get STUNG......

If you're a Mopar fan you HAVE to check out John's Superbee page as it's AWESOME!!

by the BEE!!!!!!!    Click on the logo!!

I just spent an hour on John's site!! There is some real interesting cars, news and fun on this site!!

Check it out!!!

Tell 'em Greg sent ya!!!!


Brady actually made us the "Site of the Day" on his very cool website!!! Check them out and support the people who support us!!

"Free listings for Car Clubs & Car Shows."  


Brian has been very good to me so if you need any info on shows please use his sites!!

ALSO!! This is Brian's own car info page, it's really cool too!!

Like to laugh? Check out  Steve's site for some GREAT writing!
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You want some COOL gear!?! You HAVE to check out Elise's work...It's MAGNIFICENT!!!

Click here for some cool gear!

Live in southern California and want to join a Ford club that's all about FUN???

Marlon & Don have just the thing!! With guest speakers giving you the scoop on Ford performance and race track events you'll always be in the loop on what's happening AND what's fun!!

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Want to purchase some cool rock-n-roll? There's actually a song on Paul's new CD written about muscle cars called, you guessed it.... "Muscle Car!!!!"

Damn good rock-n-roll music!

Get into Christian's world of cars!! Our official Norwegian Ambassador!!  if you drive like I do, this might be worth looking into! It doesn't guarantee you'll get out of the ticket, but it helps!! Plus it helps a good cause, join today! find out where the speed traps are in your town!