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Central Valley Classics 2003



I was originally invited up to Madera by my friend Jackie to be a judge at their car show. I didn't know what to expect as I'd never even heard of Madera!! But I'll have to say that this was the most successful car show I've been to. Why? Well before the show Dennis allowed me to give a little speech about who I was and what I was doing there so when I was done judging every single owner allowed me to not only shoot their car but they were totally in to the sound thing! Every single car I shot today I got the sound....well kind of. Bob had other obligations so I was flying solo with the equipment. I'm a gearhead, I know cars, not sound equipment. To make a long story even longer I screwed up 3 sounds. So to those 3 people who enthusiastically pumped gas fumes into the ozone I want you to contact me and I will personally set up another time to drive up and re-do your car as I'm coming back up anyway, no really, it will be my pleasure as you all had awesome cars and I want the sound of all of them on our site! I apologize, I admit it, I'm a bonehead!! But here's the good news!! The Pontiacs and Olds I shot and did record are some of the most awesome looking AND sounding cars yet as nothing has the low grovel of them Poncho's and Olds big blocks!! So please join me as I had the best time with the fine people who showed up today! And like always, enjoy!!

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