Written 7/14/07

Sorry for the delay y'all (southern accent). Here's the scoop. Like I have stated before we now have INFINITE space. We're working on a brand new website. As some of you may or may not know our original website was built in a PC based program to where it was not viewable to many other browsers than PC. We thought since we now have this new space maybe now would be the time to upgrade the site. For anyone who really understands computer talk we have decided to use Joomla! content management system to build the new site, if you have experience working with a cms and would like to help please contact me. We are expecting the rebuild could be as much as 1 - 2 years as we have a LOT of content to move!! However the original MCC will still be up and running while we are building the new system behind her and when the new one is done we will just flip a switch and the new one will be the one you see.

We are also looking for a new name, preferably one that still uses the abbreviated letters MCC, for instance Muscle Car Crazy. If you come up with one that we like and it not currently registered (you can check for free at ) and we'll give you $50.00. I'll keep you all updated.

Written 1/02/07

Happy New Years everyone! Hope everyone had a safe one, I know I was out late and witnessed a couple of people driving the obstacle course down the street. You know the one where the road id perfectly straight but it looks like they're driving the slalom course! Or as us experienced drinkers call it "amateur night!" I hope this is a good year for everyone and we'll do our part tp put up some new material. Have a good one everyone....ROCK ON!!

Written 8/6/06

This last month has been a month full of living! I started it out the July 4th weekend with good friends and an awesome party. Then I house sat for 2 weeks where I lived at the residence to dog sit my favorite dog Lucy! It made me want a house of my own in the worst way but it was good for me. The next day I finish house-sitting it was off to San Francisco for the 2006 Bullitt Nationals where even though I was not able to attend all four days I did spend one whole day up there and had the time of my life! I think like 62 Bullitts and probably close to 100 Bullitt owners from around the United States and the world, it was more fun than was legal as you will find out! Then it was off to Illinois for a week as it was my family reunion and aside from some very uncomfortable temperatures was by far the best stay I've had at home yet! Then the news. I knew my friend Joel Parra was sick when I left but getting the call is never easy. I got it while I was home in Illinois, Joel had died July 26th 2006. As soon as I got back from Illinois I had to attend his funeral. It's not easy saying goodbye to someone as dynamic as Joel. He gave us the first burnout for our site and the confidence to realize we could make this website work. We will all miss you Joel.

Written 7/13/06

You would think due to my long absence from the actual site I wasn't doing anything. Well nothing could be further from the truth. Although I cannot tell you what we're doing I can tell you it is big. No, bigger than big. In fact if you don't like this I'll eat my 315/35/17 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS D3's, both of them. Hell why not.... they're toast.

Written 5/11/06

I think I'm back. Are you ready for a Rikki Racer comeback? I am. Thanks Howard.

Written 3/15/06

I'm sure a lot of you can identify with the current dilemma I've found myself in. Over the last couple of months I've socked a lot of dough into my car and it doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon, hell the damn thing ain't even running right now and it's been cold & rainy here. I'm a bit pissed at her right now but I don't want her to hear that cause it seems she a bit more unstable than me for Christs sake. Jesus, imagine me getting a car with a worse attitude then me. Poetic justice? Kiss my ass.  If I have to ride my motorcycle in the rain just 1 more day I'm selling the bitch, but please don't tell her, well, you know why. Oh yeah, just attended traffic school for the 20th time now. Anniversary feel to this class, definitely a real crowd pleaser. Actually I've got to admit something to you all. I think I'm addicted in some twisted way to traffic school, I mean I must, I go every chance I get, right on the anniversary day too. This last class was taught by the guy who owned the school and it seems lawyers must attend a different and more expensive class than us regular deviants. This guy was called in at the last second to teach and he normally taught the lawyer class as he turned out to be a famous defendant lawyer whom I immediately identified with as he was all about just getting the guy off as long as he had dough. My kind of guy: "Your honor, my client wasn't doing donuts, that was just an illegal lane change (wink, wink, here's $500.00 for you)" Judge: "OK, Mr. Capes pay the court costs and golly gee, just be a good boy from now on, huh." He was brilliant. He worked on the O.J. Simpson case, I now believe that O.J. didn't do it.....but he sure as hell knows who did, and it might surprise the hell out of you who the lawyers figured out who it was! Well enough of that stuff, still 8 hours shot to hell. It's not easy being me. I'm kind of an idiot. Well like they say: 'If you're going to be stupid you better be tough!"

Written 2/21/06

Attended the Marconi Ferrari / exotic car museum just recently. MAJOR entertainment. John Marconi ROCKS. What a class act. I'm trying to figure out what I should put my energy in. I now see the potential of this "creation". Muscle cars are going to be the hip, happening craze for a number of years to come. When a Hemi clone sells for over a million we've got something here. I just heard a very famous Hot Rod builder has recently switched to building muscle cars, I now understand it's OUR time. I grew up with muscle cars and (with exception of me) my generation is now making some coin, enough to afford the cars they always wanted so the market is going to be alive with the notorious, cool cars of MY time. God bless me dammit. My goal? It's a very modest one mind you, I just want to be the dealer for the muscle car fix you so desperately need, even if you cannot find one or afford one right now, I'm your friend, you need me! If nothing else I can take you to a happy place, even if it's just a while, I'm here for you.

Written 1/17/06

Well tomorrow morning makes 2 weeks since I've quit smoking and I'm ready to kill someone. This is definitely the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm moody (more than usual) and I can't stop thinking about how nice it would be to smoke again. I had the dream last night where I was smoking. I know I brought this on myself and people out there have WAY bigger problems than me but this sucks.

Written 1/15/06

Went to the LA car show and was a bit disappointed. Seems all the cool new prototypes including the new Camaro and the 06 1/2 Shelby GT 500.....bitchin were in Detroit for the Golden Globes of car shows.  If things worked out I would like to be piloting one of those bad boyz. Trust me when I say I could have some fun in one of those. Had some "transportation" problems lately so been hanging low lately, no bigee, life. It will be interesting to see what happens this year. Could be the best muscle head year but could be the worst.....not sure.

Written 1/4/06

Hey, hey everyone! Happy 2006! This is going to be a great year I can feel it. I'm so happy with this website and everyone involved in it. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble I get into this year! Every year it just keeps getting better and better I cannot imagine this year being the best yet. I'm glad you all are here and hope you continue to have fun on our site. Rock on my gear head brutha's & sista's!!!!!!


Written 12 / 18/05

Ahhhh, going home to the frozen tundra....Illinois. I go from 65 + degrees to a  -14! NICE!! I have a feeling I will make several "revelations" while I'm there....well maybe not. I love this website. I need to get back to my friends like Howard, Jay and Steve, that will pull the stunt. You all have been great. Our traffic is at an all time high and we're selling product. Maybe you'all don't recognize it yet or you think "awe, they're just selling out like all the other sites".....not true. Bob and I have put a LOT of thought into our little site and how we could MAYBE get reimbursed for our passion and even though we REFUSE to do pop ups but if you're going to buy the product we have on our site why not give our links a try and give your deviant bastards a prop!?! Hey do what you like, that's what we've done. Over & out.

Written 12/4/05

Not much to report, but I did pick up another ticket. TOTAL bullshit ticket. Passing on the shoulder on my motorcycle. I mean you're on a motorcycle....why not? Like why do you climb mountains? Because you can! Worst of all it was by a motorcycle cop. I begged and pleaded for a warning but he was having none of it. Looks like I'm back to traffic school for the 20th time. I think this has GOT to be some kind of a record as pathetic as it is. I'm beginning to think it's my driving style but I'm not sure yet. I'll get back to you on that.

Written 11/28/05

Thanksgiving weekend. A nice long weekend. Just not having to work is nice. I've got to start shooting more cars. I guess my drive (no pun intended) has declined a bit lately. Not sure why. Hopefully I'll get it back soon because I really enjoy making this site. I mean we've been doing this almost 5 years now.....WOW 5 years! I've been going at it with a fervor for at least 4 years straight I guess you could expect some "burnout" time????? I'm waiting for the next new thing we can do although making a calendar this is ain't one of them. Yes I'm sorry to say our business named "musclecarcalendar" will NOT be producing a calendar this year. Go figure. I just didn't have time this year plain and simple. The DVD project took way more time than originally thought. Next year.

Written 11/2/05

Well over a month now. What's up with me? Well attended a very cool Mopar show here at Woodley Park. Had a lot of fun there. There were a lot of nice cars there that day. I was extremely pleased with what I got. Wrecked my Bullitt this weekend. Nothing too major but will definitely need a new front fender and a few other goodies. Sure it was a pisser and seeing Maggie with a big ass dent in her bothers me but I HAVE to learn she can be fixed and not to let it consume me. Someone who doesn't love their car the way we do might not ever understand how compulsive we get with our cars but I know you do or you wouldn't be here. Sure it's in the back of my mind but I'm not letting it control me. There's only so many "could haves" you can beat yourself up with.  Rock on.

Written 9/11/05

Here it is Sunday night late, back to work tomorrow. I feel like I'm getting back into a groove somewhat. Things have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride lately. I mean last weekend long weekend started out great with a drive out to Corona to shoot a couple of my friends Bullitts which was a freakin' blast! But on the way home I swore I blew the engine so the rest of the weekend was a bit dampened by the thought I was going to have to do major engine work. Turned out OK though but I was freaked out for a while.  This weekend had a photo shoot Saturday morning that was a bit overwhelming. Between the husband, wife and son there were 6 cars to shoot with only 5 128mb smart cards. Had to ration. I'm not that good of a photographer to ration. We'll see how it came out. Would HATE to have done a half ass job, too much on the line. BUT it will make me better, yada, yada. Very tired but happy.


Written 8/29/05

Now normally I don't watch the news, it's too depressing for me especially living in Los Angeles, kind of reminds me of a Jerry Springer show. But I do keep up on major events through friends as my partner Bob watches the news channels pretty much 24/7 so I get most of the important stuff through him. But I've got to tell you tonight I put everything aside and have been watching the Katrina storm coverage for an hour or so. My God how horrible it is to be a part of this catastrophe. I know human nature is to stay and protect the things you've worked all your life for but damn, there's nothing left to protect. And it seems that the problems are just beginning for most of the people left in Louisiana and surrounding areas. I do hope the best for all those people. Here I am in beautiful Santa Monica next to the beach enjoying sunny weather and there's people out there literally fighting for their life. I'm fully aware there is nowhere you can live in America where you're not subjected to some kind of natural disaster but that don't help them people right now. I hope help arrives soon to those people.

Written 8/28/05

Just got back from hiking Half Dome. Good friends, good hike. Something about this hike always tears up my knee. This time was no exception. I love hiking but it's definitely no fun when you're in pain. I think I will stick to shooting muscle cars, it doesn't hurt as much.

Written 8/24/05

ha that I'm living by the beach I have taken advantage of my surroundings and have been rollerblading almost every day down here which will come in real handy come this weekend. What am I doing this weekend? Well 4 friends and I are headed up to Yosemite Park to climb Half Dome! It's about an 18 mile hike or so and it's really a cool hike! I can't wait! But as much as I'm looking forward to the hike I'm equally looking forward the the hot tubs, Cuban cigars and Mickey's Malt Liquor after the hike! You only live once my friends!

Written 8/13/05

This was the first weekend I've taken off from automotive mayhem this summer. I feel a bit guilty as I didn't shoot anything new for my loyal gear heads but on the other hand it sure as hell was nice sitting in a bar at noon with a good 'ole friend and 9 T.V.'s playing everything from the football games to Indy Car racing, Playboy type show going on AND an old movie shot back in the early to mid 1970 era all about motocross racing which to my surprise contained footage of a happy Steve McQueen both racing and wrenching on his bikes. Ahhhhh, now living just blocks from the promenade there's something to be said for spending the better part of your afternoon loaded in a dark bar and then having the luxury to be within staggering distance from home. I think I'm going to like it here.

Written 8/10/05

Saturday I drove about 110 - 120 miles to shoot the IMMACULATE GTO Judge I shot at a show a month or so ago. Bryon was great but because of some untimely road work we were forced to do the shoot in his front yard. Sun wasn't right, must reshoot. Then today phone rings at 8:00am, it's Jay saying his son was leaving for Texas A&M on Wednesday and would really like to have his awesome 1969 Mach 1on Who am I to argue? No one. So I agreed to meet Jay and Austin in Escondido. Now Escondido is about 130 miles through LA. I made great time and called Jay at an intersection about 104 miles into it so we could all meet at the same time. I called him and at that moment realized I had forgot my camera.......DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I told Jay to hang tite I'd call him when I got back to LA. Traffic was flowing and I decided to make the drive back to Escondido! Long story longer awesome shoot even Austin's friend Chris had a car I shot today but when all is said & done I drove right at 500 miles through LA most of it watching my radar detector and hauling ASS! Did I mention I was hauling ass? The traffic Gods were smiling aponst me! Aside from beating myself up a bit for being so absent minded turned out to be one of the best shoots I've done. BOTTOM LINE... I drove well over 600 miles this weekend deciding to take the Bullitt was a good choice, I love my bike but #801 is a freakin' blast to drive!

Written 8/3/05

Well here it is, August already. Where does the time go? I heard a good one today. A friend of mine at work saw me going home with my motorcycle racing jacket on and said he had a friend who rode and someone asked him "aren't you afraid to die?" He answered back, "I'm afraid not to live!" Pretty much sums it up for me! I'm not saying run your silly ass into a cement embankment but you can live a "safe, normal" life and have a heart attack at 45. What good was it to live safe? All those things you didn't try because it didn't seem "safe" NO SHIT? Nothing in life is safe. Try whatever you like. Look at some of our biggest hero's, John Glenn, astronaut. Do you think being shot out into space to walk on another planet is safe? HELL NO! Chuck Yeager, first man to break the speed of sound in a jet AND he did it with broken ribs! Does that sound safe to you? You see where I'm going here right? Ahhhhh, if I have to explain it I'm afraid you won't get it. But you guys & girls do, that's why you're here. Everyone reading my bullsh&t is just as sick as I am. Sorry to ruin your day, it's not altogether a bad thing my brutha's & sista's, enjoy!

Written 6/19/05

Well not much automotive this weekend. Took my motorcycle in for some cosmetic repairs....ouch, that shit ain't cheap! Working extremely hard on the DVD's right now. Really trying to make sure when they're done so is the new MCC product line!! That's right, soon you'll be able to purchase all kinds of cool MCC gear. PLEASE buy some MCC gear!! Ah what the hell do I care, it's all good my muscle car brutha's & sists's. Rock on.

Written 6/12/05

Today was a good day....for the most part. I shot 2 cars from 2 owners today. I've only done that once before and the second shoot was overcast so it wasn't a 100% success. Today was a success. Both were for modernmuscle. One was a 2005 Dodge Rumble Bee, I normally don't dig trucks that much to shoot one but Dodge did it right on this one! Awesome truck, awesome owner! I did something during the shoot very uncharacteristically of me. I lost my temper. And the sad thing about it as I look back is it was at the ice cream guy! If you're interested in hearing this little gem write me and if I have over 3 requests I will write about it. The second one was a 2005 black on black Mustang GT 5 speed! NICE!! And my friend drove it the way you're suppose to.....FAST!! I would like to believe my modified Bullitt is faster while DEFINITELY giving up the handling award. But after riding in it again today (sober!) I believe we're about dead even in the acceleration dept.......I think! Thanks Michael.

Written 6/5/05

If you have sent me an email, seen how much I've been on my own forum, waited for all the new material on the site, seen how many newsletters I've sent out, and wondered, "hmmmmm, where the hell's Greg?" I got the answer for you. DVD's. I've been working very hard on these DVD's and I must say I'm very proud of them! Sure it's something I had no clue how to make but what the hell that never stopped me before! Do you want to see the next generation of MCC? Buy one of these suckers! Rock-n-roll music set to hot cars. What could be hotter? Well OK babes but that's NOT going to happen! Will let you know when they are up.

Written 5/30/05

Ahhhhh ,the first 3 day weekend of the summer. So what if you could write the perfect holiday would be the perfect ingredients? Me? Driving, hot girlie, beach party with my closest gearhead pals. Result? Driving: I got to drive the Bullitt down to JBA Racing to get some prep work done to her for the next burnout video. Had a run in with some potential adversaries which turned out formidable but ineffective. The only car I didn't mess with? Pontiac Firehawk. Corvette engine, tuned suspension......nice car pal, have a nice day. My girlfriend drove down her new car to pick me up for the second leg of the trip. The party part! I dropped the Bullitt off at JBA Saturday but they weren't having their annual beach party held at Pacific Beach. What would we do until then? How about a trip to the Gas Lamp district in San Diego for some Brazilian food and drinks......a LOT of drinks? Couldn't have made a better choice! Afterwards check into the hotel I booked on the beach 1 block away from the party. Sunday morning PARTY!!!!! 6:00am meet Bittle to load all the supplies on the beach, oh damn, he's serious. 45 minutes to load enough supplies for the day including Bloody Mary's on the beach by 7:00. Yeah, I think so. All day was spent in a picture perfect setting with music, good eats, good friends and good alcoholic beverages. Welllll except for the open container violation I got....that kinda sucked. But all in all it was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. Thanks Jay & Fred.

Written 5/27/05

Just got home from working on the DVD. Damn ,this is cool as hell. We have some awesome bands with some awesome cars. This is like a HUGE secret that I have to sit on.....I'm not good with secrets. But it's a grip load of work so I can't tell how long it's gonna be till I see product, hmmmmm bummer. BUT!!!!!! I'm spending my Memorial day with Jay Bittle & crew at Pacific Beach for sand castles, volleyball and Bloody Mary's at sunrise so how bad can life be? If you really dig the site, make it happen for us when the DVD's come WON'T be disappointed!!!

Written 5/1/05

Today is the best Chevy show of the year, Super Chevy 2005!!! YEEEEHHHAAAAA! Decided to take the motorcycle so I load the back pack, all the gear...CHECK we're off!! Oh wait a minute, the ignition on my bike has been smashed. Well (1) they didn't get it, phew.... (2) I gotta get this fixed and a better lock purchased......quick. So instead of going to one of my favorite shows I tore apart my bike, took out the ignition and drove 45 minutes to the parts shop (in LA that's not far) got back and installed it and buttoned the bike back up securing it with the new lock. I know if they really want it they'll get it but I feel I did my part. Oh well.


Written 4/30/05

I just wanted to let you know I have NEVER been busier in my life. I know you look at the site and say  "WTF????? Ain't he doing anything new? Has he let the fire die out?" Oh contraire my muscle head friends. I have added to my already impossible schedule. I seriously don't know how I'm going to do it. I guess I'll just follow my previous path and as Nike says...."Just Do It!!" Too much fun. Wish there was 2 of me. Well for work purposes only! There's so much more I could accomplish if I had the time.....but I don't so deal with it!!! Last 5 weeks 4 shows PLUS knee deep in the DVD project. I'm in heaven.


Written 4/17/2005

Well obviously Greg has been doing squat. I mean, how much new stuff have you seen lately, right? WRONG. In fact it's been quite the opposite. I've been suffering from "ain't got time to do shit". This is a crossroads kind of thing for us. It's now become bigger than my 40 a week job but what can I say, it doesn't pay the bills. My passion has outgrown my needs. What's a boy to do? 3 weeks, 3 major cars shows PLUS the DVD! I know working hard is the only thing that separates the men from the boys but I'm having trouble here! It's a good trouble, but a trouble none the less.

Fab Fords rocked, what can I say. My friends RULE!!!! LATE!!!!!


Written 3/14/05

Well I've been anxiously waiting the car show season but I have a feeling this year is going to be a bit different, at least at the first of it. I'm afraid I can't tell you yet what we've got going on here at MCC but I can tell you it's big. WAY big. Maybe be bigger than anything we ever imagined. I guess by now it's not a secret that yours truly has been missing a bit from the site. Well let me assure you it's not been lack of work on my part. I love MCC and all the people I've get to meet because of it and I have no intention of  stepping down from the best muscle car site in the world. Instead I've decided to channel what spare time I do get to work on this site into other avenues in which I'm sure you will all enjoy. You will still see in depth coverage of all the great muscle car shows we have here in southern California and all the hand picked feature cars and all the rest of the great stuff here. It's just you will now be able to enjoy muscle cars in other medium. Thank you for remaining loyal.

Written 2/16/2005

Well, well, it's been a while huh? Went to the LA Car Show...that was fun. Had a Bullitt meet...that was fun. Had major eye surgery....that wasn't. I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things. Everything looks like it will eventually be OK but it's soooooooo easy to take things like your eyes for granted. Superbowl was good. Staying busy on our "secret project"!! Take care everyone!

Written 1/19/05

It's my birthday.

Written 1/9/05

Well it was a very nice funeral for Mike Jackson. I was happy to be there as weird as that sounds. Mike gave me so much it was the least we could do. NOW!! On to another friend of mine named HOWARD SILBERMAN!! Just when you think he can't get anymore car crazy he goes and buys 2 cars the same day! Seems Howard got the 1st race prepped Steeda & JBA Racing 2005 Mustang GT! Howard, you have regained my top slot on who I wanna be when I grow up! Shot Howard's car at the LA Car Show. I'll shoot it better later but it was nice to see the car in person so to speak! The show was OK. Some of the cars like the C6 Vette I couldn't get near. Check out the show on in a week or so.

Written 1/1/05

Happy new year everyone. I must admit I had an excellent time bringing in the new year the way it should be, with good friends, good food and good music as I spent it at long time friend and band mates Steve singing along with some of my favorite songs. It reminded me of how much fun it was to sing in a band! But the good time was short lived for me as the death of car owner and good friend Mike Jackson is hanging over me like a dark cloud. Also got the bad news at the same time I was finding out about his death that I will be the youngest man they've ever heard of to have cataract surgery on both eyes.

 Christmas was good. I flew home and spent it with my family in Illinois. There's no substitute for family at the holidays. I'm very close with my family so it was very nice seeing them and catching up. I know things will start to look up it's just right now I'm a bit down. Happens to everyone! I'm no different. Rock on my big block brutha's!!

Written 12/14/04

hmmmmmm, what HAVE I been doing lately? I've been doing a LOT!! Just nothing I can tell you!! ha ha I'm going home for Christmas to Illinois next week YEAH!!! mom: "so Greg, what have you been doing lately?" Ummmmm, well, I've been hanging out with a lot of car people mom. mom: "are they people like yourself?" Yeah mom, people just like me! mom: "uh oh, there's more people like you out there in LA?" Yeah mom!! mom: "Lord have mercy!!"

Written 11/23/04

So you haven't seen much new stuff going up huh? Well rest assured your fearless leader hasn't been sitting around the beach watching the clouds drift by! I can't tell you what we're working on right now HOWEVER I can PROMISE you it's SPECTACULAR! It's MCC X 10!! It will actually take a couple months to surface but just wait!! Everyone have an AWESOME Thanksgiving!!     

Written 11/2/04

OK, OK, so I wrote last night. Doesn't mean I can't write two nights in a row, right? I mean, it IS still my freakin' website right? After getting home late tonight I pulled into the parking area on my motorcycle and my headlight flashed across my Bullitt and I got all warm & fuzzy inside and I started thinking. (yes, that happens every once in a while!) At some point in your life, to me it happened VERY early, but all these car people on the site and off all have either consciously or unconsciously realized that their car, motorcycle or truck has became more than just transportation to them. It's become their passion, their entertainment, even their work. I mean cars have only been around for about 100 years, pretty small time when you think about how long this earth has been spinning around the sun, yet there are literally thousands even millions of people who's lives revolve around this wonderful invention! I wonder what I would have gotten in to if I was born before the car. But as you all know there's something magical that happens to so many of our senses when a hot vehicle cruises by, the sound of the loud engine, the smell of the burning gasoline, the visual stimulation that often has the same effect as if you're looking at a beautiful woman (or man, I don't discriminate) and also, and here's the big one, feel the adrenaline of acceleration. We're all junkies to some degree, some more than others! When you think about it all us car, truck & motorcycle people all have one common thread and it doesn't matter what make or model, we're all the same. We all give our lives to and for our vehicles without question or thought. If something breaks we find the money & time to fix it no matter what we have to give up. I know it's silly but we have real love for these inanimate objects, these vehicles become extensions of ourselves, and our lifestyle.  I LOVE my bike & my Bullitt and I wouldn't trade either of them for the world. The fact that you can walk into a car show and can IMMEDIATELY talk to anyone you like (with a few exceptions!) and hear the great stories and share knowledge and love for these moving pieces of art not made of canvas and paint but instead of metal, rubber, chrome & leather. I feel very fortunate to have experienced all of the wonderful times from when I was a little boy until even this evening pulling into my parking space as some of the best times of my life has been in a car or on a motorcycle. Everyone has something in their life that can take them away from the pressures and troubles of life. When I climb behind the wheel or throw a leg around my bike nothing else matters in this world, it's just me & my vehicle and I sincerely hope that never changes.


Written 11/1/04

Jesus where does the time go? November 1? Next month is Christmas. hmmmmm, I think it's a conspiracy to make me old. Don't tell anyone, they'll think I'm paranoid. ANYWAY. Waiting for the calendars to get bound. Thursday they said, that's cool. Not going to the SEMA show this year, not happy about it. Who knows. As long as I own a fast means of transportation ie very fast motorcycle, Bullitt with a serious attitude Vegas is just a tank full or two away.

Written 10/25/04

It's 11:40 pm and I just got done with the last step of the calendars before we take it to the binders. I have copied the pictures, wrote the comments and preface and hand collated 150 calendars. I'm tired and sore but these calendars are just beautiful. There's only a 150 of them made and well over 3/4 are spoken for. I'm going to have a hard time getting one this year! ANYWAY, I'm going to work a bit online and call it a night. Job well done if I say so myself.

Written 10/19/04

Well I wish I had more car stuff to report....but I don't. I was set to go to two car shows this weekend to break up the monotony of making the calendars. Saturday I went to Fall Fling and the weather was bad. I wasn't in to it. So I talked to a friend of mine who was at the Fun Ford Show Saturday that I was going to attend on Sunday and he told me not to bother. That the weather called for rain and they weren't even running the track Sunday so I decided I was going to be productive anyway. WRONG!!! Sunday I drove to work and started on the calendar when the network went down. Sometimes it just seems like the whole world is against you!!! You know what they say? "When life gives you lemons make lemonade" I choose to wind up and throw the damn things back. Unless I have a 12 pack of Tecate or Corona, then I'll slice them up and have a drink. Either way works for me.

Written 10/7ish/2004

Finished copying two cars tonight for the calendar, Lou's 1969 Cyclone GT and Brian's AMX. Simply awe inspiring. These two cars ROCK ESPECIALLY on 11X17 Chrome paper! This calendar is going to ROCK!

Written 10/4/04

Well this was the first car show I attended where I didn't work! I had my car in the JBA Racing display and ended up hanging out with all my friends and some new Bullitt head friends! It was AWESOME!!!! I spent ALL day Saturday busting my knuckles working on the motorcycle and the car detailing her out for the show. I can't tell you how nice it is to be back. I missed my time with my little honies. There's just something VERY therapeutic about working all day detailing your machines, you just kind of forget about life's little problems. It's just you & your baby. Working on the calendar. This year it's a bit different, I'm actually enjoying it which reminds me I'm only making a few this year so when they go on sale better grab one cause there's not going to be many to have!!!

Written 10/1/04

Can't believe I didn't put this down! Last weekend drove to Barstow (about 150 miles one way) and met up with new found friend Rodney. Who's Rodney? Well seems Rodney is probably the sickest guy yet, and that's a HUGE compliment in my book! He has over 30 cars some original, some custom made which has been featured in the likes of Travel Channel and Monster Garage. What did I shoot? A 1963 Galaxie 406 4 speed and the original "Eleanor" from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds along with some other 5 cars. All totaled he has about 30 some cars strewn over the U.S. Not a bad days work if you ask me! Oh, not to mention a little street racing at the days end to cap things off! Now? Uh huh....calendar time. I spent over 4 hours in the copy room. But this year it's different. I don't feel pressured. I feel honored to have the privilege to be able to shoot the best muscle cars in the world! Right now I'm having a beer reflecting on the weekend of fun including an AWESOME show called Mustangs by the Bay to where I will get to hang with Howard and my dear pals from JBA Racing not to mention some Bullitt heads! Yeah I know, I got it good, don't think I don't know it. Sometimes it's not easy being me....this is NOT one of them! Later.

Written 9/23/04

Well I've done a few things not necessarily car related. I drove to Vegas last weekend to meet up with my relatives and had a wonderful time there. Anytime I get to drive the Bullitt for any length of time on an open road is entertainment in my book. However this weekend.......awwwww, this weekend my friends will be big!  I don't want to jinx myself but I have confirmed a photoshoot with the authentic, original "Eleanor" Gone in 60 Seconds car for our 2005 calendar! Exited? HELL YEAH!! And the best part? The guy that owns her is a HOOT!!! We've already had MAJOR laughs on the phone and I can't wait to meet him. Oh, and the cherry on top? It's about 150 miles away.....get it? Major driving in the Bullitt. This is the last car for the calendar so I can start wrapping her up....thank GOD! OH, I started working on the calendar's gonna ROCK!!! Over & out.

Written 9/8/04

A LOT of good things in the works. ALSO had my Bullitt hit & run. Just fixed her.....not happy...bastards, no note. Oh well, the sacrifices for living in the city of angels. Like I've always said   "can't have NOTHING nice in LA." This will be the 4th time my Bullitt has been "tagged" THIS summer. Getting use to it. What are you gonna do, it's a daily driver. Got done with one of my favorite Features. ENJOY!!!!

Written 8/24/04

Well here we are calendar time again boys & girls. I've been cramming to get all the cars ready and it's looking like we'll have a great calendar again this year! I won't give it away but we have some GREAT cars!! I'll be shooting calendar cars pretty much for the next month or so, maybe a car show or two here and there for good measure. Oh yeah, diggin' the Olympics!! GO USA!!!!!!! Later!!

Written 8/16/04

Where have I been? Jesus, the last couple of weeks have run together like a giant water color in the rain. Ooops, it's the rock-n-roll lyrics coming out. Bottom line, I have had a problem (due to circumstances I refuse to divulge) of knowing what day it is! HOWEVER!! I do know what I did today (yeah!!) he he I drove up north to shoot a 1969 Mercury Cyclone  Spoiler II clone with racing livery for the 2005 calendar. I know what you're thinking, "Greg, how can one man be so lucky to not only shoot such rare cars but also to con the owners into letting me ride with them to the shoot?" To which I must reply "it's not easy being me!" SOMETIMES life smiles upon me!!

Written 8/2/04

I'm emotionally and physically drained. It's hard to even hold my head up at this point. My life is a freakin' rollercoaster ride that won't let me off. I have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It's both a blessing and a curse. I have such good friends and so many people I love and that love me. The more people I let into my life the more love I can share but also more hurt. Let me give you an example. I just found out one of my dear friends I made through the site was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and was given a %17 chance to make it through the next year. Jesus Christ man, how would you like THOSE chances? But on the other side I drove up to Bakersfield this weekend after meeting him at a car show to shoot one of his cars for the calendar and he turned out to be one of the coolest guys I've met yet. Just like all 5 of his cars this guy was AWESOME! He was so cool with his little 4 year old son I didn't want to leave. Well, you get what I mean huh? For every action there is a reaction. Get some PRICELESS pictures in the mail from Mr. Nasty with some racing Thunderbolts then drive to my girlfriends to battle it out and basically loose a whole piece of my heart. Please make it stop.....I think. Is EVERYONE'S life like this or am I being a little bitch?

Written 7/26/04

Hello there! Been REALLY busy! This weekend I went to the California Speedway to cover Autofest......hmmmmm, should have been called no show fest!! We were gearing up. "Three camera's.....check, two sound recorders....check, two clipboards, one for MCC and one for Modern Muscle...check. Cars to shoot...oops! Yeah, last year 4,500 cars this year MAYBE 450. The owners were AWESOME but there was nothing!!! But at least we got to hang with the JBA boys!! ALWAYS a good time. Late.

Ooops, I forgot to write what I did  for the 4th! Well it's not like I didn't do anything or have any fun! There's this friend of mine in San Diego named Howard who owns like 4 TOTALLY hot muscle cars. In fact I've put up two of his cars on the site where I've shot them at car shows. But as you know car shows are not the most complimentary places to shoot cars. So I decided to drive down and shoot Howard's cars all proper like. So I drove down there and hung out with Howard and two friends he invited along for the shoot. Result? Howard is one of the coolest guys in the world and his friends were great too. You'll see them soon enough!

 Now for this last weekend. As most of you probably know I'm good friends with a gentleman who not only has one hot Fairlane GTA on our site but also writes a feature called "We know Jack" Well I decided to put his hot ass GTA on this years calendar so Sunday I drove out to an AWESOME location and did a great shoot with his car. I ALWAYS have a good time with Jack. If you ever see him at a show stop him and chat a bit as you too will be impressed with this great man!!

Written 6/29/04 shows, no shoots no fun.

What did I do this weekend? Well, Saturday I sat in a un-airconditioned room in chairs that were obviously designed by some sort of sick ass torture expert  in a court room listening to a official reform teacher spewing out facts about aggressive driving and watching movies chock full of instances and victims of all kinds of road rage & aggressive behavior  with 154 other people who were unlucky enough to get a moving violation in this God forsaken county!! What did I take away from all of this? Aside from ALWAYS sit in the back of the room and wear dark sunglasses even though you're inside so it's harder to tell when you're dozing off. I'm buying my OWN radar detector and ALWAYS carrying it in any vehicle I climb behind the wheel of. I SWEAR, if I ever get pulled over again in Orange County California I'll take my chances running and spending a few days in jail rather than sit my deviant ass in a court house traffic school again. Peace out!!!

OK, let me get this straight. For my 19th time to traffic school in 16 years you're going to send me to a court appointed class? Let me ask YOU a question. I've paid lawyers THOUSANDS of dollars, begged COUNTLESS judges to PLEASE give me traffic school even though I've attended well within my year (now 18 months) allotment and won! Strongly pleaded with every single officer who ever pulled me over even though only managing to slither out of ONE single solitary ticket. (one more I WOULD have!,) even on the most RIDICULOUS tickets, including my 150mph+ in a 65mph zone where I didn't even spend the night in jail but I DID pay a lawyer over $1,000.00........traffic school. Worth every penny in my opinion. My reckless driving smokey 360 in a busy intersection in Los Angeles as the cop was NOT impressed with my driving skills. HEY, it's NOT easy doing a complete 360 in the tight confines of an intersection without smacking a curb. After $750.00 I got that reduced to an "illegal lane change".....driving school. And my "exhibition of speed" reckless driving ticket after I rode a wheelie for a city block on my crotch rocket. $1,200.00 later I'm attending that's right......driving school. So after all this and it STILL hasn't worked by the the "regular" way with the comedy Nazi, free pizza mobster, or statistic bludgeoning teachers, why the hell do you think for some magical f*cking reason it's going to happen by sending me to a court house for 8 GRUELING hours? I mean, who are we kidding here? I'm 40 and I STILL know all the judges on a first name basis in Los Angeles and there's a LOT of judges in Los Angeles. At this point why don't you take advantage of my extensive knowledge of the rules & regulations of the public streets & freeways and just make me teach a class or two per year and call it good? I'm OK with that.

Written 6/7/04

Ahhhhh, what DID I do this weekend? OH!!!!! You know how I'm always flapping my gums about how cool the car owners are? Well I shot a 1969 AMX this weekend for the calendar and as you will see the car is MAGNIFICENT but Brian the owner? Man he's got to be one of the coolest guys I've met!! I ended up hanging out with him for a number of hours after the shoot just getting into his world as there were so many interesting facets to his life outside of muscle cars. As long as I'm meeting people like Brian I'm not going ANYWHERE!!!! That is all!

Written 5/29/04

Well I've finally gotten my bearings back enough to write about last week. My mother who lives in I Illinois flew into Oakland and I drove from Los Angeles to pick her up & spend 4 days in San Francisco and one day in Napa Valley to do a little wine tasting! That left me 3 days to drive back to LA. It was an awesome time. We only needed to drive the Bullitt once to the repair shop (don't ask) and once to change hotels. Between the cable cars and the busses their public transportation kicked butt!! Napa Valley was beautiful. Now I'm not a wine coinsurer however I had a blast going to a winery and seeing how they make wine and then plowing down 4 different glasses of wine!! he he, maybe they got something there! So I dropped my mother off and proceeded to drive a bit North to meet a fellow Bullitt owner. Bud was totally cool and he gave me the hook up on the road to hook up to hwy 1 that stretches along the coast. By the time I got to San Simeon to tour Hearst Castle Bud had lined me up with another Bullitt owner so after touring the castle the next morning I drove out to a Air Force base to meet another Bullitt owner who was totally cool! So all & all an excellent trip and I got to see my mom again on top of it all!! (I'm such a mama's boy.....I'll admit it!!)

Written 5/17/04

Why? Woodley Park GM AND Inland Mopar on the same day.....WTF? Since we've shot 2 Mopar Shows already I went for the GM show. Now keep in mind (no offence to the blue bowtie boys) the Mopar guys are a couple bubbles off bead (just the way I like it!) but the GM show today R.O.C.K.E.D.!!!! They were TOTALLY cool, cooperative and some of them already knew who I was so they were more than willing to "give us the goods!!" Good day, thank you blue oval boys I had a blast!!!!

Written 5/12/04

No secret, I'm 40, I was a musician and I live in Hollywood. Party? Well I've been to a few to say the least! But this weekend took the hash brownie! That's right, when you can party with Joel at his place there's NOTHING like it!! HEY I ended up doing shots of Jack Daniels with Hemi Jack!!! What could be better? NOTHING my friends! Joel is the ULTIMATE host. BUT on the way home, bad news. Rear end leaking...not good. Leaving for Frisco in less than 1 week. Solution? Another trip to JBA Racing. Jay WTF? Why did the Bullitt give up the ghost? "Greg, didn't you make a video a month or so ago where you beat the Bullitt like a red headed stepchild?" Um....yeah. DUH!!!! You play you pay. OK, OK, I get it. This car is NOT the 5.0 or my old muscle cars......wimp ass Bullitt. Oh well, she'll be ready for the trip that's all I care about. C'mon Jay...hook a brutha up?!? It's NOT easy being me. Happy Mothers Day all you bastards. Late.

Written 5/3/04

Oh my, I've been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest! TWO car shows in ONE day!!! We're poppin' around here at the MCC camp!! Pony drive II taught me one thing. I will NEVER enter my car in a show again! I spent most of my morning talking to people about my Bullitt instead of working! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE talking about my Bullitt. There's a time and a place for everything and putting my car in a show is NOT the time or place to get anything done!! Then had to rush out to the Super Chevy Show in the afternoon. ANOTHER lesson that was learned the very first day we started this bizz. Never try to get too much done in one day. Got to the show by noon (just like the first day!!) and even though we did pretty good still taught me to NEVER schedule two shows in one day, not if you want to do a good job anyway. You'll see. It wasn't bad but I could have done better!

Written 4/24/04 has brought to my attention that the news is a bit "out of date". Now that I've read it y'know what? They were right!! HOWEVER!!! There's a semi-reason!!! I've been busy as hell!!! Spring Fling April 17th & 18th and Fab Fords April 18th.....PERFECT!! I'll hit the Mopar show Saturday and the Ford show Sunday, no problem. Problem. Rain. We shot Spring Fling but between rain showers. Got some cool cars but knew DAMN well it would be better Sunday but oops, Sunday we're at Fab Fords! Well, that's just the way it goes. Fab Fords was AWESOME!! So we got two cool shows in one weekend. Then today I drove up to Madera and shot the Pontiac show there and just like last year it was FANTASTIC!! Got some cool newer Ponchos for the new site!! Should be up in a couple of weeks!!

Written 4/7/04

Been a year since I've attended the Twilight Cruise. Weeknight show. Rode over 40 STRESSFUL miles to get there. Patience? Not very high BUT met a few cool owners. Didn't shoot a lot of cars but the ones I DID shoot I got the sounds...made sure of that. If I approached your car and you blew me off, your loss! Twilight Cruise is COOL because I have so many friends there. Even if I didn't shoot one car it's worth the trip. BUT did shoot some cool cars. Check it out in a week or so....LATE

Written 3/21/04

Friday night, get home from work, load up the Bullitt partner James comes along. Trip to Vegas to catch Mopars at the Strip. AWESOME show!! Spent all day Saturday there, can't catch EVERYTHING. Did a good job though, I mean I left tired & smelly!!!! Drive back Saturday night Why? Well had to drop my friends Torino off at JBA EARLY Sunday. Now keep in mind there were times in the Bullitt on the Vedgas trip we were tipping 115-125mph....cops nah. Climb in my friends sick 1969 Torino to take her to JBA for a little lovin' 140 miles one way. Torino was running bad so I'm struggling to keep her at 70mph. Well at one point I was able to run her up to about 80mph..ewwwwww!! Well that was when the CHP was running radar. I got a ticket for 77 in a 65. This car BARELY does 75mph and I get a ticket for 77. The way the car ran I should have been REWARDED for getting her to that speed but nooooooooo. They've had "problems" in that area so let's pop the long hair in the muscle car.....great sigh......driving school for the 19th time. Another weekend in the life of Rikki Racer.

Written 3/13/04

I almost forgot....and how COULD I forget!?! Flew to Denver and bought a 1969 Ford Torino GT fastback for my friend then proceeded to drive her back. Today went over to friends house & made up laundry list. It will be a cool car. Me? Well not much to report, actually I do but I'm embarrassed to tell anyone so I'll leave ya with the fact that the first car show of the year is in Vegas next weekend and I could be none the happier!!! Later all!!!

Written 3/1/04

I'm sick...I feel like sh&t, but you don't want to hear about that. You want to hear that I got new wheels & tires for the Bullitt so to make sure there wasn't anything left on the old tires I did a 2 minute 30 second video of me doing 360's, 720's figure 8's and 2nd gear wheel stands! After that Lon who was gracious enough to host my little shenanigans said "all right, step aside little boys, time for the REAL men to come out and play!" And play we did!! "OK fellas here's what we're gonna do. We're going to do a full 1/4 mile run with a parachute pull on a city street. Greg, wanna come along?" me "ah, f&ck yeah!!" I rode in a 800 hp full blown race car going 0 - 140 mph in 9 seconds WITHOUT seat belts or helmet. Jesus I'm STILL shaking!!!  Another day in the life in Rikki Racer! ALL on film!!!We are NOT right in the head. THANK GOD!! Video coming soon. Nite.

Written 2/18/04

4:30pm, just about to leave work when one of my guys I work with tells me "hey Greg, your mom's on the phone" "hey mom how are you?" "your grandfather just died Greg" awwwwww damn, I knew it was close but no matter how much you prepare yourself for it, it STILL sucks. He was a good man, an honest man. He was responsible for a great deal of my sense of humor. He teased me ALL the time, he knew I could take it, that I'd appreciate it and I did. They don't make 'em like him anymore. I will miss him. God rest your soul Grandpa, I love you.

Written 2/13/04

Phew!! That was a close one!! Have you noticed the site has had some problems lately? Well being a webmaster is not much different than being a mechanic. You always have to perform preventative maintenance in order to keep everything running smooth. Well with a site this big it's not like changing the oil, it's more like an engine overhaul. Let's just say it's a DAMN good thing Bob runs the computer end of this deal or you'd be looking at a blank screen right now!! As much as I know about cars...Bob knows computers! I went to Irwindale and got my fair share of smoke & open headers...he he, I feel so at home there!! Oh yeah, a strange coincidence, saw David Freiburger there, y'know the Editor & Chief of Hot Rod Magazine. Kind of cool being we were just featured in his magazine!! And best part, he was racing his Bullitt!! Also shot two completely cool cars but once again the owners were WAY cooler than the cars!!! You'll see them soon enough!!

Written 2/5/04

Oh man, I WISH I could tell you what's goin' on. Truth is I can't keep up anymore. It's officially  bigger than me... and I'm a big man. HELP. What a GREAT dilemma to be in. There needs to be two of me.....but then again, would it be fair to the world? Hey, nobody say's life is fair...he he. I believe you're about to see something big. shhhhhh. Don't tell anybody.

Written 2/2/04

PATRIOTS WIN!!! I got "busted" about halfway through the third quarter when some at the party looks at me and says "hey, you've cheered when BOTH teams have scored, what team are you for?" My reply? "I just wanna see a good game for a change!" Bob my partner is from Boston so deep down I wanted to see the Pats win so I wouldn't have a depressed best friend for a couple of weeks! See how shallow I am!?! HEY, as soon as you put a team in Los Angeles I really have no preference! I'm all about logistics. I grew up near Chicago so I GUARANTEE you I know all about rooting for the home team even though they SUCK!!! he he, in spite of all my shortcomings I really am a loyal guy...REALLY!!!

Written 1/29/04

Hits are DOUBLING.....WHY? What up? I get an email from a fan in PA. "Just picked up the latest edition of Hot Rod Magazine, saw your add think you're the greatest website on the internet!" Jesus, no one told us.  We're in Hot Rod Magazine? Who the f&ck knew? We must be doing something right!?! AWESOME write up! What did we do to deserve this!?! Who cares!?! We're in!! What do we do next? Hell I don't know, Ever hear of "fly by the seat of your pants?" I'm just keep on keepin' on. Whatever happens happens. What do I care? I'm just a gear head tryin' to have some fun. Let the chips fall where they may. Late!!!!!

Written 12:01 1/19/04

Well it's official....I'm an old bastard!! 1/19/64 And what am I doing? I'm writing news on my website! May sound silly but I'll be honest, I could be none the happier. Making this website and meeting and befriending all the people I have met from this website has been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. So I feel fortunate to have the opportunities I've gotten that I have absolutely no problem spending my first minute of my birthday with all of you. Thank you everyone for making this website so popular....I'm having a blast!!!

Written 1/11/04

Cousin was in town from Milwaukee. It was cool because he is a REAL car guy!! We went to the LA Car Show Friday and had a blast. Lots of cool cars coming out (and some that make you say WTF?) But all in all fun. OK, time to get to W.O.R.K. I have to start getting new cars for Modern Muscle. Hung out today and watched Favre throw up a duck....season over. I feel worse for him as now he will have time to ponder BOTH his losses. Say goodnight Greg. "Goodnight Greg"

Written 1/4/04

This weekend was low key...not quite sure what that is but nothing life threatening or heavy deadline stuff going on! Watched some football. I need to start getting new cars for Modern Muscle. It's almost like I'm standing at the base of this huge mountain of work saying "where the hell do I start"!!!! New car show is in town...cough cough, think I feel a cold coming on, might have to miss a day! We'll see!! Spent a LOT of time on the MCC forum, really trying to get that off the ground...nudge nudge, c'mon people, this is a lot of fun, please get involved in this. I PROMISE you will have a BLAST!!! here's the link..join TODAY!!!

Written 1/1/04

Oh boy!! Two parties to go to with the best of my friends! I get all gussied up saunter out to the Bullitt pull out of the parking structure where I'm sitting behind a Lexus at the red light. Light turns green the Lexus pull out and BAM!!!!!! Someone blows a red light and T-bones the car right in front of me!! I get out, make sure everyone is OK, turn my Bullitt ass around and park it, walk right back into my apt. and crack a beer. Rikki Racer will NOT be going out tonight. Could have been ME that was T-boned. I love my car waaaaaay too much to chance that!! Have a happy and prosperous new year and THANK YOU for supporting MCC. You are going to be BLOWN AWAY by what we got coming up!!!

Written 12/28/03

Ahhhh, long holiday weekend. What did YOU do? Me? This was the first time in 14 years I didn't go back home to Illinois. Hung out with one of my motorcycle pals and his visiting mom from Michigan. Result? A mom's a mom. I stayed full from the time I walked into his apt. to the second I rolled out! I'm a VERY lucky man to have such good friends. Duke, you & Georgia made my holiday. After I left I worked on the site. I've made a earth shattering discovery. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! I just hope we can keep it up for another year, starting to get a bit much.


Written 12/14/03

Hmmmmm, what DID I do this weekend? Well Bob & I worked feverishly to get the forum up & runnin....mission accomplished...Bob kicks ASS! Saturday felt a cold coming on...slept ALL day (boring) Sunday, he he, shot two cool Mopars!! My friend Chris's 1971 'Cuda and he asked if he could bring a friend along with a 1970 Charger S/E......ummmm......OK!! Had a frickin' BLAST! My friend Chris kicks ASS and so did his friend & girlfriend! Solid photo shoot. Not looking for older muscle cars right now but what the hell, make hay when the sun shines is what I always say! And make hay we did. Even the trip to the shoot was fun. Picture a trigger happy 2001 Bullitt, a 1971 'Cuda 440 and a 383 built 1970 Charger all cruising out to the shoot. What do YOU think happened? uh huh MAYHEM with ME at the helm!! I know you can get your car taken for it but DAMN.... street racing is f&cking fun!!!

Written 12/19/03

he he, I'm at it again! What have we got that's new? What have we got that's NEW!?! Well, let me tell you! ONLY a brand new website  which features NEW muscle cars AND an all NEW MCC Forum where you can hang out with your gearhead pals! Go to the link, register and let the muscle car fun begin!!! I PROMISE you're going to have a FREAKIN' blast's just what MCC needed!! Go ahead...see for yourself!!

Written 12/9/03

You want some news? OK, how about THIS for some news? This coming year you are going to see become the biggest, most talked about, most successful American Car enthusiast site in the WORLD! How's that grab ya!?! That's right, I can only tell you that if you think MCC is currently a cool site I will quote Adam from the garden of Eden when he said to Eve "Stand back, I'm not sure how big this thing gets!!!" I'm sooooo exited I can hardly wait to show you all what we got coming up!!

Written 12/1/03

Oh my God!! I haven't written any news for a while now! What up with dat? Well you see, ummmmm, uh, well..... I ain't got no excuse! Two weekends ago I was at Irwindale hanging with the Mopar Knights at Irwindale racing the Bullitt.  And last weekend (T-Giving) I was house sitting. I spent Thanksgiving by myself (well with a cool doggie!) a big screen TV (64") football and a delivery pizza!!! Drove home in the middle of the day to check my email, because the streets were so empty got into a great street race!!!! Hey, just because it's a holiday does NOT mean I showed ANY mercy to my fellow man! In other words I whooped his ass! he he, BMW 735? Not today pal, time for you to head on back to Biff's house with your Dom Perionne and green been casserole with your Bavarian tail between your legs because even IF your car is faster AND more expensive you picked the WRONG car AND the wrong guy to mess with!! Later.

Written 11/10/03

Bob picked up the calendars from the binders today. I picked them up from Bob tonight....DAMN!! I know it must be tough to get exited about calendars but these are BEAUTIFUL! A real collectors item some day...mark my words!!

Written 11/9/03

This was the first weekend I had to myself for over a month & a half! I messed around for a while on my car Saturday but caught up on some domestic shite I had let go for a while......damn I need to get married. Oh yeah, except for the part I can't find a woman to put up with me for longer than two weeks!! Other than THAT I would like to be married!! It's not easy being me!

Written 11/7/03

SEMA. I finished the calendars at 2:30am Sunday morning so Monday night I loaded up the Bullitt after work and SCREAMED to Vegas to hang with my pals at JBA. Result? Jesus Christ, all the years as a musician can't compare to the antics of the two daze I had with the JBA crew!! Babes, booze and bad ass automobiles! Don't worry, I got pix...and plenty of them. Little behind posting car shows but you'll thank me for me!

Written 10/30/03

OK, take a step back, breathe in, breathe out....relax. JUST about done with the calendars!! I apologize to all my MCC fans and to all of the cool car owners who've sent me pictures to put up on "My Garage". I've been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest! But I now see a light at the end of the tunnel......I just hope it's not a fucking train!! Seriously, with the calendar out of the way you friends and fans of MCC are gonna see some AMAZING new stuff, he he, that's right! You like what you've seen so far? Just wait!! Please be patient, I PROMISE it will be worth it.

Written 10/29/03


OK kids, if you haven't gathered by now, I'm a bit of a "loose cannon" shall we say. In other words I leap before I look. Well after tonight I realized one thing.....FRIENDS make ALL the difference in the world. If you take the time to let the right people into your life, your life will truly be rewarded. Bob Kiah, one of my partners who handles the computer end of the bizz. I tell him "I need, I need, I need and even in "trying times" for him recently he pulled through with FLYING COLORS! James Pulli, my other partner, worked 6 hours STRAIGHT tonight to "tighten up" the finishing touches on the 2004 calendar. That's AFTER driving 480 in the last 24 hours to possibly witness the burning down of his BEAUTIFUL house in Simi Valley California.. I may bitch a lot about the amount of work I have but let me just say one thing right here and now. When the chips are down (and they seem to have been down quite a bit lately!) these boys ROCK! I'm NOT an easy person to deal with on a daily basis...yes yours truly can be a downright ASS!!! But these two guys hang in there with the patience of a saint and amazingly enough HAVEN'T told me to "f*ck off."........yet!!!!

Written 10/27/03

Well I spent most of my weekend in the copy room but I did manage to shoot down to San Diego Saturday morning to drop the Bullitt off at JBA for a little more horsee power!! I had left my motorcycle down there last time I was there so I had a ride back up. On the way back up I had to stop twice to clear off the face shield on my helmet due to all the ashes in the air from all the fires!! Amazing!! The sun was blocked out and it was REALLY eerie!! Well being locked in a copy room for the next 36 hours I didn't hear how bad it had gotten until I got a call Sunday night at 11:00pm from Jay in San Diego. In a tired voice he said "Greg, I just want you to know your Bullitt is alright." Well of course it is, why wouldn't it be? Jay "Dude, don't you watch the f&cking news? The flames were to the back of JBA!!! I'm driving home right now with barrels of racing fuel in the back of my truck!!" WOW, I didn't know. And just today I got a call from one of my partners, James, who is on his way down from Fresno because the fire is only a 1/8 mile from his house in Simi Valley. There's no guarantee he's NOT going to watch his house burn down. I know it wouldn't help anything now but if I EVER catch up to those punks who allegedly started the fire(s) burning to death would be the NICEST thing that would happen to them! All the senseless deaths and suffering....God do I sound like my dad? I hope so.

Written 10/21/03

Oooohh, FALL FLING! A very generous supply of deck stripes, Pistol Grips and cartoon characters with this year being no exception! The only difference this year was ME! My heart wasn't in it %100. Why? Well since I've found out the calendar has to be re-done I MUST work my ass off the meet the deadline. Not to say I didn't have fun mind you! But each hot car reminded me I had a BUNCH of hot cars waiting to be copied to a calendar. It's OK, this calendar is going to RULE!!!!!!!

Written 10/15/03

Ummm, what's that? I've screwed up the re-sizing on the calendar and the last 65 or so hours and $1,100.00 was for nothing? Hmmm, well, lets see, there's two ways I can look at this. (1) I COULD loose my temper, break things, swear a lot, drive REAL aggressive and just make a complete ass of myself or (2) Realize that in life sometimes you MAKE mistakes. I mean we're only human right? And what would I REALLY accomplish by breaking stuff and driving like an idiot?  ........ .y'know what, I kind of like number (1)

Written 10/5/03

Making calendars.....I haven't smoked in 7 daze now.........God I need a cigarette. But I won't. Why? No, I'm asking, why shouldn't I? I mean the Surgeon General has determined that living in Los Angeles is WAY more hazardous to your health than smoking a little cigarette!! We got smog, drive-by's, mass murderers, fires,  road rage, dirty cops, gang wars, earthquakes, riots JESUS CHRIST....what's wrong with a frickin' cigarette I ask you!?! Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue!!

Written 9/22/03

Well here we are.....time to make the calendars. . Why couldn't we've been called instead? Oh well, stop my bitchin' this year like last we've got some KILLER cars!!!!!!! Jesus, to think, these owners actually LET me come to their house? Let alone RIDE in these dream machines!! This year I got to ride in a 1967 Shelby GT 500 w/ a 427 Tunnel Port, a 1970 HEMI Roadrunner, 1970 442 w/ a 455 4 speed, and a 1964 Thunderbolt just to name a few for Christ's sake, what the hell am I bitching about??? Now I have to remember that while I'm sitting my hyperactive ass in a copy room for 98 hours!!!! yeehaa.

Written 9/17/03

Work, work, work, but ya know what, I'm diggin' it so who cares! I can't even begin to tell all of you what we've got coming up! Let's just say you haven't seen nothing yet!! Drove to Bakersfield to shoot a Hemi Roadrunner and put a bolt, yes a bolt through the sidewall of one of the Goodyears, damn, didn't need that BUT Damon's Roadrunner more than made up for it! Wait until you see this car!!!! Keep rockin' my brutha's & sista's!!!

Written 9/7/03

You want to know what I've been up to? Hope you got a minute. In fact a lot of minutes. Timing sucks but I got a new car and no better way to get to know your baby than to put her on the road, and put her on the road is what I did! 5,764 and 16 states in a week and a half. I rule.

Written 8/19/03

Hey Greg, what did you do last weekend? Oh well you know, just the regular stuff, cruised to San Diego and shot an $185,000.00 Plum Crazy 528 Hemi Custom Challenger. You know, nothing big. he he, life is good. Well my muscle head friends, you won't be seeing any new news for a couple weeks as yours truly is taking a little road trip! About 5,000 mile road trip! Catch me if ya can!!!!!


Well, well, how quickly time fly's by when you're behind the wheel of a Bullitt. I'm sorry? You want to know what I've been up to? About 130 cause I'm still getting the feel for my automobile. Next week I'm driving from Los Angeles to Illinois. good.

Written 8/4/03

Well pretty much all I've been doing lately is Mustang related. Saturday morning dropped my new one off at JBA and hung with my two of my best friends Howard and Jay. No officer I DIDN'T see a '69 Mach 1 with a nitrous injected 460 and a 2003 blown Cobra souped to the max blow by me at 140....I didn't see me on that!! Sunday I worked on my old one ALL DAY!!! Somebody's going to be getting a real cool car.

Written 7/31/03 11:53pm

Picked up my dark green 5 speed 2001 Ford Mustang GT "Bullitt" no. 801 today. I know I'm a sick and twisted individual for putting so much love into an inanimate object but I swear I'll kick your ass if you lay one finger on MY BULLITT. Ummm, have a nice day.

Written 7/26/03

Woke up early Saturday morning (why) well, you ever been to Canyon Country CA? It's about 85o in the shade at 9:00am. I had a calendar car to shoot so the earlier the better! Cool shoot, 10 down!! Sunday went to just LOOK at a potential new car.....bought it. I always tell my friends when they go to buy a car "don't let your heart get in the way, be ready to walk away" Do as I say...not as I do!! Looks like I'm the very proud owner of a 2001 Mustang "Bullitt." I could be none the happier. Hey Jay, how about hookin' a brutha up?? 265hp, that won't do, not today, not ever. I'm in love with my car.

Written 7/20/03

Bob to the rescue, my car is not cooperating and I had a photo shoot Saturday morning. Solution? Bob bit the bullet and woke up early to shoot Gary and Ron's hot ass cars! The cars were definitely cool but I had a better time with Gary & Ron!!  Gary or Ron needed no arm twisting to perform a smokey burnout. In fact as soon as Ron heard me ask he scuttled under his Dodge to take off the cutoff's. That's what I call commitment! Well why stop there, let's make a little run to Carlsbad on Sunday to cover our first JBA event of the year and boy what an event!! About half way through the day their computer went down so what do you do the entertain the crowd, what else...smokey burnout contest! Guess what we got on high video quality? Smokey burnout contest! Wait until you see the blatant deviant, drive it like you stole it contest they had! 

Written 7/13/03

Got a call Saturday night from my new friend Jessie who says "you want 360's? Come on down to San Diego tomorrow and I'll make it worth your while." What do you think I said? "What time do you want me there?" Indeed it will be a day I will NEVER forget. I can't tell you everything that  happened for legal reasons but I can tell you there's a new Sheriff in Deviant City and he ain't f*cking around. I've been racing and performing deviant acts for over 25 years and I ain't NEVER seen anything like I saw today. I will be more than happy to step aside Jessie, you truly are the new king!

Written 7/12/03

Well it's Saturday afternoon and I've already shot 3 Feature Cars with over 350 shots!! Don't mean much to you??? It will when you see the cars!! Ed's 1966 SS Chevelle 396 4 speed, Randy's 1970 Roadrunner 440 Pistol Grip 4 speed and Steve's 1970 SS Chevelle 396. Just words to you huh??? They won't be, you have no idea the quality of cars and people I ran across this weekend.....but you will soon!! Don't hate me because I get around, just be glad I do!!!!!

Written 7/6/03

"I'll never do Half Dome again", "I'll never take my motorcycle to Yosemite on a holiday weekend" What did I do this weekend? Why, why do I put myself through such torture? Hell I don't know. I'm a gearhead, remember? It looked a LOT better on paper.

Written 6/30/03

Well I'm not sure if I will ever be exited about anything else....ever! Yesterday I shot my friends 1967 Shelby GT 500 for the calendar and got so much more. I rode for about 6 good hours in the Shelby to the photo shoots (4 different locations), friends houses, his parents house for a homemade chicken dinner w/ warm apple pie & vanilla ice-cream (a big deal if you're a bachelor). And at one point as we're driving down a city street Jay looks over and while sporting a deviant grin says "you may want to get this on film" he then proceeds to run that beautiful GT 500 up to over 140 mph!!!! We then stop behind an industrial strip and he uncorks a bud light marinated, smoke billowing, high rpm burnout that still brings a tear to the eye. What a glorious day indeed. The only problem is how the hell do you ever enjoy anything else in life after that? What else is there? A trip to the moon, play with the Rolling Stones, find Noah's Ark? Well my friend I'm not done yet.  We drive over to one of his shops and meet up with his partner who's driving a 2000 Mustang Cobra R. A 2000 Mustang Cobra R. A 2000 Mustang Cobra R. Jay "Hey  Fred, wanna do a burnout for a video"? Fred "Naw do it".  Jay "OK".  In the books. A car made without a radio, air conditioning, heater, rear seat, factory warranty and stock with, Ricaro seats, fuel cell, six speed, oversize brakes, HO 4.6 double overhead cam motor and a 180 mph speedometer. And there it is, poised menacingly in an alley all revved up and ready to rock. And then all at once...........mayhem. Pillows of smoke, radials screeching, engine screaming Jay smiling, on film, done deal. Jesus. Back in the Shelby down to Fred's house, Jay "hey Greg, want Fred's 1969 SS RS Camaro 396 six speed for your site"? Me, "yeah". Jay "OK, get in, hey Fred we'll be back in a few" Fred "OK". Jay "Hang on" Greg "OK" Camaro "vrrroooooommmmscreeeeeeetchhhhhgrunt" gone.  Excuse me, I must have missed it, when did I die????? Honestly, have you ever heard of one silly bastard EVER being so lucky in your life? I didn't think so. Am I in the right business? I don't know and I don't care. If I never make a damn dime it won't make squat to me, I've already taken payment in full. But then again, how will I ever enjoy life again?????

Written 6/21/03

Cruised to Ventura to shoot my good friend Evan's 1970 Olds 442. Fun? Well I now understand why a lot of wives and girlfriends don't like me. Well actually I can think of a few reasons all well warranted. One being is what their urban boyfriend / husband turns into around me. Hey, he would have done it anyway I just happened to be there when he did it. Hmmm, not buying it eh? Well do you mind if I do a couple smokey 360's at the end of your block in a quiet housing community? Hmmm, don't like that one either huh? OK, I'll leave.

Written 6/17/03

Where are my manners? musclecarcalendar takes on a new member and I don't properly introduce him to you! My long time dear friend James Pulli attended a car show with me in Madera and exclaimed "this is too much fun, how can I get in on this?" Well we took Jim in as our advertising partner and we're very exited to have him. He brings a side to our business that has not been addressed. He's a GREAT guy and if anyone is interested in doing bizz with us you will be pleasantly surprised on how personal James is. He is to sales as Bob is to technical support and I am to the cars themselves. Please feel completely confident that if you want to work with us Jim can make it happen.

Written 6/15/03

What did I do this weekend? Car shows, photo shoots, racetrack? Not this weekend! The plan was to stay home and catch up on the website. Result? Well I did get quite a bit done but Saturday I fell victim to one of my love's....preventative maintenance. Worked on the car all Saturday morn and then ran home to grab the bike to get her ready for a little trip to Yosemite on the 4th! Maybe it's frowned on in the white collar world but having grease under the fingernails is damn cool to me.

Written 6/7/03

Check this out. Guess what I did today? I drove my Mustang on the 1/2 mile track at Irwin dale! That's right baby, read 'me & weep!! Hooked up with my new friends Marlon & Don for a car show in Encino then we cruised to Irwin dale where they let us parade our cars in front of the spectators. Rules were, NO BURNOUTS. Guess what I did? I don't think the fine people at Irwin dale are too keen on the little sideways stomp I decided to perform to the cheering crowd. As well they probably shouldn't, if every bone head in a hopped up automobile did what I did today......well......wait a minute, I signed the insurance waiver. I don't follow rules to well. Sunday, went to a GREAT car show in Burbank at Bob Hope Park called the Road Kings...indeed, tons of cool cars, not enough time to look at them all before they started leaving!!

Written 6/4/03

Back from vacation, over 2,600 miles 3 or 4 states the Grand Canyon (where we hiked to the river & back in 1 day), Monument Valley, Sequoia Nat'l Forrest, San Francisco, Infineon Raceway (formerly Sears Point) for the historic Trans Am cars where we were in the pits with our friend Jay Bittle, Sonoma for a little wine tasting (don't get exited, it went with the race) then over to Muir Woods to look at the Redwoods. Outside of that it was pretty boring. Some cool footage of the race including a in car camera....stay tuned for THAT!

Written 5/23/03

Ooops, I haven't been keeping up on the news! Too much going on!! Did I tell you I shot a really cool 1968 Torino GT Fastback? Oh. Did I tell you I shot a really cool 1969 Mustang Fastback with nitrous? Hmmmm. Well did I tell you about the car show I went to called Inland Mopar where I shot about 12 cars with the sounds and picked up a few more calendar cars? Where the hell have you been? Wait a minute, I'm the one who's been gone, that's bad. Been busy to get you MORE STUFF!!! But tomorrow I'm going on vacation to the Grand Canyon, Sequoia Park, San Francisco and the Sears point race. Don't hate me cause I get around, they're be plenty of pictures, after all I am renting a car and you know what that means boys and girls. Oh yes fun time for Greg. Stay tuned!

Written 5/11/03

Car shoots, car shoots and more car shoots!! Can't even begin to tell you all the cool people we hung with and fun we had!! Check out our "Feature Cars" pages to see what's new as we got a lot of cool new cars for you. I must be doing SOMETHING right!!

Written 5/5/03

All right, Super Chevy Show!! Oh no, weather sucks. Really sucks. Shot some fine Chevy's but didn't come out real well due to the overcast skies...BUT got the number of some cool owners for shots later on...when it's sunny!! Did get some good burnouts though, not a total loss. This next weekend, wait until you see what's coming up!! I guarantee you there's NOBODY working harder to put up cool stuff for you than me!!

Written 4/27/03

What, me a judge at a car show? Sure! The show is in Madera? Sure! Slap thee 'ole radar detector in the windshield of the Stang and off I go. Drove up Friday night for the BBQ and meet with everyone involved, cool. Saturday arrive at the show early judge until 11:30 and then fun time for Greg! And there was plenty of fun to be had! Shot hot Pontiacs & Olds all day after the show downed a pitcher of Margueritas with my friend Jim and then off to LA, gotta be back for Fab Fords on Sunday y'know! Sunday, what a show!! Ton's of Fords and Mercury's! Got a lot of pictures and sounds. Snuck over to restaurant to have a couple pitchers of beer, catch the end of the Laker game and jam home. Sleep. Get up work on site until? Good weekend.

Written 4/20/03

Easter weekend = Easter eggs, Easter baskets, Easter lily's, chocolate bunnies. Not me kids, fuzzbuster, 2001 Mustang GT and a 135 mph trip to Vegas to see visiting relatives. Now that's what I call a holiday weekend.

Written 4/13/03

Spring Fling, need I say more? Saturday, more cars than you can shake a pushrod at. We shot over 300 pictures with over 20 sounds....boy are you lucky!!! But we did all the work on Saturday expecting the worst on Sunday, and getting it. It didn't rain but the threat scared EVERYONE away, there were only 1/4 the cars Sunday as apposed to Saturday. That's OK though the boys at MCC put in their time for you so you can enjoy the show. Hung with Mike, Lon & Joel Saturday night, those boy know how to party! Got up a little late Sunday!!

Written 4/6/03

What did I do today? Well I drove from Hollywood to LAX to shoot Scott's AWESOME AMC "THE MACHINE", drove up to Woodley Park to cut a couple of laps around the park on the blades and oh, what is that you say Lon? You'd like me to drive to Whittier to film you doing a smokey burnout? I'll be there quicker than you can say "stand back, this thing's loaded"! I am having the time of my life, thanks Scott, thanks Lon, you guys are the best!

Written 4/3/03

I smell like burnt rubber and high octane gas, hmmm guess I've been to Irwindale Speedway! Ah yes, seeing my old friends and meeting my new one Lon Schultz was definitely worth the price of admission. Got a few new cool burnouts and even got Lon pullin the wheels on his Javelin! All in all....a damn good night. Check out our Irwindale page in a week or so to see the new stuff.

Written 3/31/03

867 miles in three kind of weekend! Starting in San Diego for the almost finished "Evil Twin" then going on to Vegas for the first annual "Mopars at the Strip" party. Why do I call it a party instead of a figure it out. The party was for three days but we only made it up for the last day, thank God! I was SATURATED with Hemi's (not a bad thing), there were more cars here than any show I've been to. And not just show cars, we're talking well over 200 Mopars just racing!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! We did a really good job covering everything as you will see in about a week as we filled up 3 huge memory sticks from pictures AND smoky burnouts AND, you won't believe of the "Hemi Under Glass" with an interview from Bob Riggle the owner / driver telling you how he gets the car to do a 1/4 mile wheelie all the way down the track!! Stay tuned kids!

Written 3/24/03

Holy ....I haven't written anything in a while! But that don't mean I haven't been up to something! Two words....Evil Twin! That's right kids, we've been following the COMPLETE restoration of one of the most awesome muscle cars you're ever going to see! 140 miles one way for 6 weeks, naw we ain't doing nothing! Wait until you see this thing! Anyway, car show season officially starts for me this coming weekend in where else? Sin city baby!! That's right I'm doing a midnight run to Vegas Speedway on the rice rocket (barring Johnny Law) for the Mopar show / dragrace.....look out Las Vegas the REAL King's in town!!

Written 1/12/03

Well the fellas at JBA were able to weld the Muskrat back together so all aboard the train back to SD to pick up the beast! 1 hour 40 minutes back to LA in moderate traffic, yeah I found out how good the patch job was!! Lesson: If you can break 'em JBA can fix 'em!! Seriously, sometimes there's things you might not be able to perform in an alley behind a rehearsal room I strongly recommend JBA Racing....tell 'em Greg sent ya!!!

Written 1/6/03

What, my car is totaled, what are you talking about? Oh well, while we're in San Diego what do you say we hang with Jay Bittle, that'll make me feel better. We went to the SD Convention Center to catch the car show which included a choice selection of muscle cars including Jay's 1967 Shelby 500, check out the pic's in or car show section, headed off to Hooters for some soft tissue therapy and then got our asses dropped off at the train station for a 3 1/2 hour drinking session to LA.......what Mustang? Perfect.

Written 1/2/03

Happy New Year everyone!! I'm back from the frozen tundra and ready to rock. How does a gearhead bring in the new year you might ask, well you get together with some of your best muscle head pals and because you and I know it's illegal to drink and drive you still can't help yourselves so you down a case of beer (among other party favors) and play "Need 4 Speed Hot Pursuit" on your big screen Playstation 2 and beat the piss out of some hot muscle cars while outrunning Johnny Law! It's a little less expensive than a DUI and a lot safer than crawling in the front seat with me!!!

Written 12/13/02

Today my dear friend was killed in a motorcycle accident.....I'm not sure motorcycles are so cool anymore.

Written 12/8/02

Attended the "John Force" car show in Yorba Linda today, more cars than you can shake a pushrod at. I'm guessing somewhere around the 600 mark, muscle cars, hot rods, race cars (John Forces), motorcycles, trucks, museums. You could walk around this place all day and not see everything.....a Detroit Disneyland so to speak. I got the hot tip from my friend Roy so I shot, and shot and shot, so many cars and cool people I haven't known where to start putting them up on the site yet, but don't'll see it soon enough!

Written 10/21/02

Fall Fling, seems like a lifetime since Spring Fling when we started this "business", let's see, I've been through a motorcycle wreck (multiple broken bones), making some of the best friends in the biz, losing my best friend because of the biz, shooting and riding in some of the hottest muscle cars in the world, a chance to build one of the hottest muscle cars in the world and what have I learned from all this? If you ain't having fun, it ain't worth a damn, well guess what, I AM having fun, and it took Fall Fling to wake me back up again, the cars, the people, the smell of 105 octane as it's blasted into my sound recorder and last but definitely not least, the friends who own the cars!!! I'm back.

Written 10/02/02

Drove to San Diego where I attended Mustangs by the Bay with my friends Jay Bittle and Howard Silberman, even if no cars showed up it would be a blast, but luckily enough a lot of cars did show up and it was even better! Shot  some cool cars and had some laughs but it's just not the same without Bob.

Written 9/9/02

Today once again we set up the flying garbanzo brothers tent at Belmont Shores. Lots of people, lots of cars, lots of calendars. It was a good show, we were set up next to the cover car for our calendar, do you know what that means? Well to us that means drinking beer by 9:00 am, or "road soda's" if you ask Steve the owner of the Superbird! Any day is a good day when you're hanging out with Steve, throw away the rules it's Steve's world, we're just visiting!!

Written 9/3/02

OK, OK, so I had kind of a bad forth of July weekend with the court thing and all but this long weekend more than made up for it. What did I do? Ah, believe it or not it was not totally a car thing! Saturday afternoon packed my back pack cleaned the side views, checked the oil and tire pressure and screamed up to Yosemite on my rice rocket to conquer this so called mountain named "Half Dome" with a couple of friends. Wow, I don't think Mike Tyson himself could have kicked my ass any better! Don't get me wrong....I made it to the top (fear of heights and all!) but it should be called "Half Ass" because that's the way I felt when it was done with me! (I have pictures if anyone is interested). Then after I got back from the climb it was back on the rocket to go 350 miles back to LA because yours truly had to scope out a potential purchase of one hot ass muscle car for a resto project I'm thinking of immersing myself in......more later, wish me luck with "Mr. Mooney!!!"

Written 8/24/02

We hooked up with some of our Oldsmobile brothers and took a little cruise to San Louis Obispo Friday courtesy of Car Craft and you know, those Car Craft guys are OK in my book, we had a great time. Probably 45 or more muscle cars and some hot rods cruised from Palmdale to San Louis Obispo and who do you think gets pulled over? I'll give you a clue, it's not the Easter Bunny. Check out our Car Cruise page for all the fun!

Written 8/18/02

Jay Bittle is my hero. Here's a man that has worked his ass off to revive the racing scene, sponsoring many races and premier events that have been huge on the entertainment scene but has been passed over by the general media. We attended an event by Mr. Bittle that was second to none. He  had awesome hot rods and rare built muscle cars poised nose to nose for fierce battles all day at Carlsbad Raceway. As a car guy nothing could be better. Jay also let us set up our tent for the first "official" open for business calendar sales. It was good, the people were good, I have a lot to learn.

Written 8/10/02

Welcome to the Mike & Joel show, please keep arms and legs inside the ride at all times, keep any loose objects in your pockets and please for your own safety HANG ON!! Down to San Diego for another installment of the "Evil Twin" or another afternoon of complete deviancy, however you want to look at it, it adds up to one thing...FUN! You people have no idea how much of a treat you are in for when this car is unleashed, and I do mean unleashed, unless of course you're going up against it at a car show then you're not going to appreciate it to much! Thanks guys for a great day!

Written 7/30/02

Well it looks as if the party's least for a week or two. Production, reality, I really don't do well with either.. Why can't it just be fun all the time!?! I want to be out at the car shows and races getting my veins pumped full of 101 octane from big block engines rattling my insoles to my safari hat until my heart beats 10o BTDC God Dammit, I was made for the fast lane not sitting in front of a f*cking copy machine. If things don't change soon...I'll be dead, so buy our calendar and keep a gear head alive. Thank you.


Written 7/8/02

Oh boy, holiday weekend, what will you do, B.B.Q, set off fireworks, see friends!?! Me, I think I'll go to court to sit with the other 58 delinquents in division 63 L.A. Municipal Court! "Hey Mr. Judge can I get driving school for the 15th time?" "Sure sonny, just promise me you'll be a good boy", 'SURE, I'll be a model f*cking citizen sir!" "Good, keep paying your taxes son, now get lost." Ah....... the sweet smell of justice. Shot a really hot 1969 Mach 1, got the next installment of the restoration of the "Evil Twin," covered the Shelby Convention in Fontana and the Twilight Cruise in Pomona all by sucks without Bob, Bob keeps me grounded, I need that, I'm a loaded train speeding down the tracks just waiting for a loose rail. Have a nice day.

Written 6/17/02

Saturday we met two different owners and got two different cars (Chuck's 1969 Chevelle SS 396, Dane's 1966 Skylark), we got some excellent shots and had some classic laugh's! Chuck was really cool and had some awesome cars, Dane had a GREAT sense of humor, I spent most of the time laughing instead of working! Thanks guys, we had a blast!

Written 6/13/02

Back to Irwindale for some more unbridled fun, just can't seem to get enough of this stuff! It was a good night, it seems a little easier when you know a little more on what to look for, and we found it! They had problems with the PA so they didn't hold the burnout contest but we still have  some cool stuff for you. We will be adding the extra footage we shot to the Irwindale page so you can see some of the crazy stuff we saw, viva Irwindale!

Written 6/9/02

Sunday we made our way to Woodley Park to shoot Shaun's Boss 429 and Will's Fairlane GTA at the Ford Show. It was a beautiful day both of our cars had won trophy's making me feel all the warmer about our selection of the cars we chose for our website! Shaun won two with his Boss 429 and Will picked up yet another one with his GTA, you can see both of them on our "Feature Cars" section. Both cars were beautiful and both owners were too cool, I love this business!

Written 6/6/02

Tonight we witnessed pure deviant fun as we attended Irwidale Speedway's "Thursday Night Under the Lights" and had a blast! Doug Stokes, John Partridge and the whole gang treated us like kings as we saw all levels of racing and right up our alley...a burnout contest, God bless them! We will be back! After the race I was so revved up I was forced to do a perfect 720 figure 8 in an under ground parking garage. God help me I love it so!


Written 6/2/02

We attended the Woodley Park GM show today and it's official, whether you're Ford, Mopar or GM you're alright in our book! This weekend's GM show proved to us that cool people cross all make and model lines as we met some real characters today! There weren't a whole lot of muscle cars here but the owners that were here more than made up for it with fun and comradery.  However if you're into classic cars God bless you they were here in droves! As this business is growing some of you have already heard of us before we meet you at the shows and the reception has been overwhelming as we're just a couple of knuckleheads trying to have some fun! We appreciate the kind words and we're sincerely happy at how at home you've all made us feel. Till next time., be good or good at it!


Written 5/26/ 02

OK, we're having fun now!!! Long weekends means lot's of fun in my world! Saturday morning we cruised to Crestline to shoot Eugene's 1968 AMX, wow, I know where I'm going to live when I grow up! What a beautiful car, we had such a good time with Eugene. Then off to San Diego to see our friends Hemi Jack and Joel for an afternoon of "entertainment" and to work on a new feature which we will share with you all very soon!!! Next morning we swung by a party in Pacific Beach thrown by one of our favorite deviants Jay from JBA Racing! Damn, those boys know how to party complete with a keg buried in the sand, volleyball, loud Rock-n-Roll, good food and a keg buried in the sand (I know I wrote it twice). Thanks to our automotive friends this was a weekend to remember!

Written 5/19/02

We are having so much fun I'm sure we must be doing something illegal! This weekend was probably the funnest weekend we've had to date starting off Friday night at Bobs Big Boy where we met some really cool people & cars and had a chance to catch up with some friends. Saturday morning we drove to Fullerton to attended the Muckenthaler Car Cruise with our good friends Jack & Will who expertly guided us through the show making sure we didn't miss a thing! It was mostly old hot rods but the guys who did have muscle cars there were cool enough to let us "have our way with them!!". Sunday, wow, Sunday! I think I can die now and I won't feel like I 've missed a damn thing! We started off Sunday at 6:30 am to get a 1962 Galaxie with a "Cammer" motor, well the car was there but so was the rain so I toured a garage second to none!! I'll bet there weren't factory race garages back in the 60's that had the hardware I saw, I'm still shaking! (Check out Mike's Galaxie on our feature page to learn more) So we arranged to meet back at Mike's to shoot the Galaxie later after we got back from the "Inland Mopar" show, so off we went! We met up with our friends Joel., Lon and Hemi Jack and did the car show in STYLE! Actually that's the only way you CAN do it when you're with this crew! There had to have been at least 250 cars! Beautiful cars, cars that made you want to drop to your knees and cry mama, check it out on our "Car Show" page, you'll be glad you did! Finally, sun, timing, us and one hot "Cammer" Galaxie came together in perfect automotive harmony! That's right, not only did we shoot this beauty but we rode in it to the shoot! (Next time remind me to make sure the location is a little further away!) All in a day's work! I must be the luckiest son of a bitch to ever walk Henry Fords green earth!


Written 5/14/02

I got my bike back. My bike is cool.

Written 5/11/02

Bob and I shot Richards 1970 Mercury "Eliminator" today, the car was special but the owner was priceless! I had so much fun talking to Richard during the photo shoot poor Bob had to keep interrupting us so he could get the car moved for different shots! Then Richard took us for a hell of a test drive, not for the faint of heart, we took video of the drive but it's just not the same as feeling the back end pulling loose as the car hits second gear! Can you say torque!?! Thank you so much Richard, hope to see you again soon!

Written 4/21/02

Today we wound up piling in Bob's 300ZX which we just got back from being stolen and shooting a hot little Fairlane thanks to Roy. We spent the afternoon going through 60's memorabilia and learning a whole lot about Fords, it was so much fun, and Roy was such a good tour guide, I can't thank him enough for the hospitality and laughs!

Written 4/14/02

We attended Knotts Berry / Fabulous Fords Forever and what a show! It seemed very well organized from a spectators view with all the cars in their respective classes, many vendors with all their displays, merchandising tents, live band and food vendors. We had so much fun, it started kind of slow but by early afternoon we were able to go from car to car with full owner cooperation, so much in fact we got a Smoky Burnout before days end, ah, all in a days work! Thank you to all the Ford owners, nice to know cool people cross all car company lines!

Written 4/11/02

Today we shot one of my dream cars. Ever since I was a little boy I remember going over to my older cousins house who had a huge Tyco racing track and always picking the yellow #7 either a Daytona or Superbird I was too young to know which one but I know I liked the shape with the wing on the back. I didn't know why I liked it better than the others it just seemed like such a cool race car! Thanks to Steve not only did we get to shoot this car he insisted we rode with him going to the different locations. What a thrill! The car did not disappoint, not only was the performance awesome but everywhere we went people stared, hoot and hollered or gave us the thumbs up! Isn't it ironic you buy a muscle car to drive fast but at the same time it's just as fun just cruising through the middle of town!

Written 4/8/02

VIVA SPRING FLING!!! Wow, what a show, you can check out the sights and sounds on our Car Shows page, complete with hundreds of Mopars, cool people, and yes, deviate behavior! Yours truly was actually scolded by the event staff for getting a little out of control when John the owner of a blown 66 Charger was "lettin' her have it" and drew a crowd of onlookers! Let me get this straight, you have hundreds of hot muscle cars here and you're complaining of a harmless little rev of the engine!?! Already with a huge "NO BURNOUTS" sign at the entrance/exit what's next....tuxedos!?! What the hell CAN you do for fun anymore, I got it....go to "Cruisers" after the show! Even that was shut down early by the boys in blue, my opinion, politically correctness is going a little too far these days.

Written 4/4/02

I wrecked my motorcycle today, broken clavicle and three broken ribs.......not a good day.

Written 4/2/02

Saturday we got to shoot two cars for our Feature Page, and we had a blast! Lee brought by his 66 Hemi Charger and his friend Larry brought one of his many cars, a 69 GTX along with his daughter Linsey! It was a lot of fun with these two and you can check out the results for yourself in our Feature Page! Can't wait to see Larry's new GTX when it's done!

Written 3/25/02

Sunday, arguably one of the funnest days I've had in a long time! Bob, Kim and I piled in the rent-a-sled at 7:00AM bound for San Diego where we were to meet up with Joel (owner of the '68 Coronet R/T) and his father Hemi Jack to shoot their prized '70 Hemi 'Cuda and their friends (Mike) maxed out '71 Plymouth Sebring (see "feature car" for all three). We had no idea what we were in for! I can't say enough about those bad Mopar boys! Not only were they gracious enough to let us shoot their cars but they also provided the days "entertainment" which ranged from having a park ranger scold us like school boys to stealing the wife's bleach for an episode of "as the tires burn"! And how could you not love a 77 year old kid named Hemi Jack, whom by the way did nothing to alter the conduct of the deviant duo, in fact I'm pretty sure I counted at least a half a dozen "infractions" he pulled with me in the passenger seat! See the picture and hear the demonic scream of the smokey bleach covered burnout Joel provides in "Feature Car"! While we were reliving our youth Kim was on the horn with her cousin who works at JBA Racing who wanted to know if we were interested in shooting a '65 CSA 2001 427 Shelby Cobra.........uh........f*#@ yeah! Imagine our surprise while we were rapping up the sights and sounds of the Cobra when Jay (the owner of JBA!) tools up in his show worthy '67 G.T. 427 Shelby Cobra! Jesus, let me know what I've done to deserve this! And not only did we do the sights and sounds of this beauty but Jay even volunteered to perform his rendition of "smoke in the wheelwells" for us which you can see on our Video Clip page! Once again our theory was correct, the cars were indeed special, but couldn't hold a droplight to the award winning personalities of these special owners.


Written 3/18/02

Sunday morning, Bob and I took off to San Diego for the Mopar show and swap meet. There wasn't a whole lot of cars there but the ones that were there were great. Plus we were treated exceptionally well by all the Mopar boys, from parking their cars in their living room to voluntarily offering to provide us with a big smoky burnout, they were to say some colorful characters! I can't wait to see you guys April 6-7 at the Spring Fling in Woodley Park!

Then we caught lunch on the pier and headed up to Chevy Days in Pomona. By the time we got there (traffic) it was rather late in the afternoon where it was cold, overcast and beginning to sprinkle. We shot a lot of cool cars but didn't get a chance to talk to many Chevy guys as they were holding the judging the same time we were there (rotten timing). We'll catch you GMAC guys next time!!