Feature Cars

1970 Mercury Cougar "Eliminator" / 428 Super Cobra Jet

"The Clean Cat"

We had met Richard at the Fabulous Fords Forever show and could see his meticulous tendencies right away with his perfect Cougar, but it wasn't until we arrived at his residence before it all made sense! Richards garage was breathtakingly organized "a place for everything and everything in it's place" all the way down to the 60's auto memorabilia purposely placed about!!! But don't let this urban dweller dad fool you, his daily driver doubles as a track car which he races at the various road courses in his area (Ford Contour), even his Mercury SUV had a potent 5.4 V8! Richard told us he always wanted to be a fighter pilot, hmm, would have never figured that one out Richard! Thank you so much for a great time! To check out Richard's  A-1 "chauffeuring" job as he takes us for a torquey test drive click Here!

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