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1970 AMC THE MACHINE / 390 Hurst 4 speed

"The Last Romp"

Scott and I have quite a bit in common (though he may not want to admit that) but we do! He's a car mechanic, I was a car mechanic for a good few years, he rides a motorcycle to work (SV 650) I ride a motorcycle to work and lastly the whole idea of having a hot muscle car is to DRIVE IT!! And that's the problem with owning his AMC THE MACHINE. Scott is afraid to take the car out for fear of having it hit or worse stolen! So after almost a year of trying to track Scott down I finally found him as he was selling his AMC. I called him and asked if there was any way I could shoot the car before it was shipped to the Midwest as I wanted it for the AMC spot on the 2004 calendar. Scott was more than accommodating, he made arrangements for me to shoot it almost the last day before it left, literally he began prepping it for the trip when we pulled back into his driveway from the shoot. I can't say enough about Scott as he took the time to show me the resto pictures (he actually gave me a few which I will put up!), show me his motorcycles and talk with me as if I was a good friend. Scott just purchased a Challenger which he plans on building to DRIVE and I can't wait to see it! Thank you Scott, Heike and Blue it was a day to remember!

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Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect, DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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