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Car Shows

Spring Fling 2003


Spring Fling, what can you say, potentially the biggest Mopar show in Southern California IF mother nature allows. Mother Nature didn't allow. But you know what? It didn't matter to the musclecarcalendar boyz. Why? Well we figured Saturday would be the day to put in the time and that's exactly what we did! We shot over 300 pictures and got over 20 sounds for you! And one of the main reasons aside from meeting up with our Mopar pals was to cover the unveiling of the illustrious "Evil Twin" which made her grand debut to the crowds delight! You couldn't get near this car all day!!  We're finding as we get better in the biz that car owners dig what we're all about and are more than happy to help us out so we had an awesome time. And to top it off many of the cars we shot today won prizes so kick back and enjoy Spring Fling MCC style.

click on the pic's to enlarge

1969 Roadrunner   1969 Superbee   1969 Charger R/T   1972 Charger   1969 Polara COP!   1967 Barracuda   1968 Hemi Barracuda
1969 Roadrunner   1968 Dart Swinger   1971 R/T Challenger   1966 Coronet 500   1970 'Cuda   1968 Hemi Roadrunner   1970 Dart Swinger
1970 'Cuda   1971 'Cuda Convertable   1969 Superbee   1969 Coronet Hemi   1967 R/T Coronet   1968 R/T Charger   1969 R/T Coronet
1970 GTX   1969 Roadrunner   1970 Roadrunner   1972 Duster 340   1970 Superbee   1971 Satelite   1968 R/T Charger
1969 Daytona   1969 Daytona   1972 'Cuda   1970 'Cuda   1970 Roadrunner   1970 'Cuda Convertable   1971 Superbee
1968 Coronet R/T   1969 R/T Charger   1970 'Cuda   1969 Daytona   1962 Dart   1969 Hemi Charger R/T   "The Evil Twin"