Feature Cars

1970 Plymouth Superbird / 440 Six Pack

"The Recon Job"

Steve looks like your average aerospace space worker (whatever that looks like!), but hold on to your racing helmets kids, this boy is the real deal! Steve is a mixture between  Steven Tyler meets Robert Oppenheimer! Once again here's a mellow looking, well to do housing community living, wild man! We arrived at  Steve's to shoot his beautiful 1970 Superbird and as he opened the garage door to a toy box clean enough to eat off of we knew we were going to have some fun, complete with checkerboard floors, racing parts stored neatly on the wall and in the rafters, a BMW motorcycle, and a cherried out yellow Pantera perched next to a pristine Superbird, can I get a moment of silence please. Thank you. Steve was so gracious, he drove us around to several locations and even let us film him as he ran her through the gears, never exceeding 55 of course! The Superbird is arguably one of the most radical muscle cars ever built, but it's just another piece of Steve's personality! Have fun, we did! To take a ride in Steve's Superbird click Here

Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect, DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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Want to see this orange bird get a facelift? Click Here!

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