Restoration Project

1970 Superbird / 440 Six Pack 4 speed

"The Facelift"

When Steve told us the "Bird" was going in for some work we asked "why!" OK, OK so if you look really close you might catch a thing or two, but that's Steve, he either does it right or not at all. Steve bought the car pretty much as you see it on our "Feature Page" but he saw areas for improvement and when he finishes up there won't be a first place trophy for stock car available anywhere west of the Pacos!!! The muscle car community thrives on people like Steve who won't settle for anything less than perfect, God bless you Steve, & thanks for the pics!  We'll show you the before pictures before, during and the after she's finished. Click on the pic's to enlarge.


To see more of  Steve's car before click  Here