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Thunder Alley

As a muscle car enthusiast it thrills me to bring you something so cool as to be able to not only see these beautiful cars but to also be able to hear what the actual engines sound like in these awesome autos! Come back as often as you like as we will be adding a ton more!


1970 Superbird

440 Super Commando...super fun!

1969 Dart Swinger 340

I demand respect!

1973 'Cuda 440 Six Pack

Step back please!

1971 Hemi clone

472 Hemi, gimme' a a break!!

1969 Boss 302

Built 351 Cleveland, nasty! 

1970 Superbird

Built 440, rock-n-roll!


1969 Mach1

Snotty 347 stroker motor.

1971 'Cuda 340

Now with a crate 360 at about 400hp....BEEFY!

1964 GTO

389 Tri- Power, the sound that started it all!


VERY H.O. 302

1968 Charger

Gear driven 440...bad boy.

1963 1/2 Falcon Sprint

Don't EVEN mess with this!


1969 AMX

Demonic sounding 390

1963 1/2 Marauder

Rumbling 390!

1970 Buick GSX

Stage 1 455 How low can you go!