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The biggest, loudest most comprehensive, most organized, most informative muscle car site on the none! The biggest, loudest most comprehensive, most organized, most informative muscle car site on the none!
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Mikey's cooler than an igloo!

I asked Joe Battig our artist to make up a couple Dickies mechanic shirts for the video shoot we're doing and what he sent me was above & beyond coolness!!

Not only did he send me a bomb ass mechanic shirt he sent me about 20 of them in different sizes!! AND he included a small run of t-shirts which my friend & camera man Mikey is sporting in this picture!!

These are the very first run of  our new up start clothing line featuring the designs of Joe Battig who's designed all of the cool logos you've seen from day 1. If you've spent any time on MCC you've enjoyed Joe's work!!

These shirts are so cool I guarantee people will want to know where you got the cool rag!!! They look great!!

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  Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!   Hemi Jack and his 1970 Hemi 'Cuda!   Click here to hear me!   I look marvelous!!!   Hear about Roy's GTA!!   Hey!!! There's cool cars in other states too!  

If you need an explanation you're obviously on the wrong site and need to go back to  something a little more familiar.


Awesome photo shoots of hand picked cars. Interviews with owners & engine sounds!


Feel the blast of a 396 Hipo the lope of a 426 Hemi or the high revving 427 in your living room without the carbon monoxide!


The biggest and best pictures of the worlds hottest muscle cars.


Hear interviews with the actual owners of these dream machines!


Like to see your muscle car on our site but don't live in Los Angeles? No problem!


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  2005 Fall Fling   2005 Wooley GM   2005 Inland Mopar       Baghdad Brutha's!   Mike Jackson 1943-2004  
    GM's are a ROCKIN'!   Cars are cool but the people are priceless!       Kicking ass and taking names!!    
  2005 Fab Fords   Las Vegas 2005           Complete restoration!!  
  Too much fun!!   Another fun year at the Strip!  

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      Oh yeah??? You wait...   Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!  
                  From this.......   to this!!!!!  
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    Nasty Buick!!   Get in, shut up, hang on!   Fastest car I've been in!!     Sittin' on top of the world!  
  Let Jay give you a ride in his 1967 Shelby GT 500!   We like wheelies!


  Ride with Gabe in his very fast 1968 Roadrunner down the 1/8 mile!   Take a spin in Lon's 750 hp Javelin!   Pandemonium by the Prez!!   Go for a ride in Steve's Superbird!  

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