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1967 Fairlane GTA / 390

Well it would be tough to say I'm not partial to this car, aside from the fact it's everything that represents our art as far as taking something that needed a lot of work (the whole front clip was gone) and making it something special to admire, but also because of the guy's who accomplished this task. Bob and I had met Will (the son who's car it is) and Jack (the father that helped him build it) at the Fabulous Fords show a couple of months ago, we shot their beautiful car and talked some about cars and merrily moved along. Later that week after I had put up the sight and sounds of the show I received an e-mail from Jack correcting me on some of the information on the cars, since then we've kept in close communication with the two and Jack has been a wealth of information and friendship to me especially. I can't say enough about them as they have kept up on our new business as it's grown and offered their help without being prompted or compensated, friends like that are hard to come by these days. So once again without wearing it out, this 1967 Fairlane GTA is a very special muscle car but as beautiful as she is it really pales in comparison to the gentlemen who rescued and built her! Thanks for everything guys..... you are the tops!                             

    -greg -               


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